CDFTOOLS : A fortran package for diagnostics of ocean model output

  • CDFTOOLS is a diagnostic package written in fortran 90 for the analysis of NEMO model output in the frame of the DRAKKAR project.
  • It is distributed under GPL licence.

* September 2016 : CDFTOOLS migrated to GitHub. This repository is discontinued. Please use
git clone
in order to get a copy of the CDFTOOLS.
* June 2015 : add NetCdf-4 capability (chunking and deflation) [ -nc4 option ] in the most relevant tools
* June 2015 : start generalization of -o option in order to override default output file name. Useful for parallel application

Downloading CDFTOOLS

  • The code can be download from the subversion repository with the following command:
    svn checkout CDFTOOLS_3.0
    In order to compile, copy a macro file inside the current folder and adapt it to your environment. You have to ajust INSTALL and INSTALL_MAN (optionnal) variables in this file. For example:
    cp Macrolib/macro.gfortran make.macro
    Main make targets are : all, install, clean, man installman. See make help for a list of possible target.
  • The sources can also be  browsed using this wiki page
  • trunk version is known to be version_3.0 but is evolving permanently
  • CDFTOOLS_2.1 as of revision 337 is now on tags/CDFTOOLS_2.1. Updating a working copy of CDFTOOLS_2.1 toward CDFTOOLS_3.0 is not recommended, because of the many differences and eventual conflicts between the 2 releases.
    • It is recommended to switch a CDFTOOLS_2.1 working copy to the tag by issuing the following command in the working copy:
      svn switch
    • or for those pointing to https: instead of http:
      svn switch
  • Version 3.1 will include netcdf4 capabilities and probably some OpenMp parallelization for some tools.

Code maintenance and debugging

  • Authorized users can submit ticket for bug report or for asking for a new tool.See Actual tickets


  • There are 2 levels of documentation:
    • a user guide which describes the different tools and how to use them
    • a developer guide describing the functions which are in the cdfio module, eos module and modpoly module.

  • Documentation can be found under the DOC directory which contains latex files and a Makefile in order to provide either a dvi file :
    Or a pdf file
    make pdf
  • Take care that the documentation is not updated as frequently as the CDFTOOLS. However, we try to maintain it as close as possible from the trunk.


More information for using the wiki can be found here