Jan 31, 2008:

10:11 PM Ticket #7 (OID number) created by g7moreau
Create a global parameter with the name and the SNMP OID. Do not use …
8:44 PM Ticket #6 (Erreur au lancement la première fois) created by g7moreau
Après l'avoir télécharger, et avoir installé ce qu'il manquait (trés …
8:07 PM Ticket #5 (Routeur MAC address) closed by g7moreau
1:38 PM Changeset [17] by g7moreau
* Put use command at the top of the file
12:02 PM Changeset [16] by g7moreau
* Redirect both standart output and error output to /dev/null
11:58 AM Changeset [15] by g7moreau
* Rename globale variable switch_port_count -> SWITCH_PORT_COUNT
11:57 AM Changeset [14] by g7moreau
* Change Switch description print line
11:37 AM Changeset [13] by g7moreau
* Suppress the last call to a hardcore router address * Rename global …
11:19 AM Changeset [12] by g7moreau
* Rename SWITCH_DB variable to KLASK_CFG
11:16 AM Changeset [11] by g7moreau
* Change many global variable to uppercase letters
9:34 AM Changeset [10] by g7moreau
* Initialize Default command to 'help'

Jan 30, 2008:

6:15 PM Changeset [9] by g7moreau
* Do not hardcode any more the router IP address Need to be test now …

Jan 17, 2008:

9:14 PM Ticket #5 (Routeur MAC address) created by g7moreau
Do not hardcore the routeur MAC address and use the config file to find it.

Jan 15, 2008:

10:12 AM Changeset [8] by g7moreau
* Change aptitude command to apt-get

Jan 14, 2008:

5:45 PM Ticket #4 (Trac Download) created by g7moreau
Add the plugin Download to the Trac environment. It will be use by the …
5:43 PM Ticket #3 (Klask Init and files missing) created by g7moreau
The first time you lauch klask, there is an error because files are …
5:38 PM Ticket #2 (Debian package) created by g7moreau
Write the procedure to build the debian package
5:37 PM Ticket #1 (Switch model) created by g7moreau
Change the port number function depend of the switch model.
5:22 PM Changeset [7] by g7moreau
* Add SWITCH_DB global parameter
5:07 PM Changeset [6] by g7moreau
* Add URL to the web site
4:23 PM Changeset [5] by g7moreau
* Update perldoc documentation on exportsw and updatesw command * …
3:56 PM Changeset [4] by g7moreau
* Remove some old commented code * Add option exportsw with the option …

Jan 11, 2008:

5:32 PM WikiStart edited by g7moreau
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