Current work

  • Long paper
    • Experimental methods
    • Error/precision/bias
    • Clean up/finalize Eulerian profiles
    • Dispersion
      • PDFs as functions of time, movies
      • Correlation with high acceleration events?
    • Full a,v correlation tensors
    • Polar angle stuff like Alexi
    • v.a, local reference frame, local reference frame structure functions, etc.
    • Other ways of identifying structures?
  • Review current data/delete original movies
  • Shake the box attempt? Process series 004? Practical upper limit for particle density?

Inertial particles

  • Look at particles in microscope
  • Order inertial particles
  • Talk to Mica re program
  • Lit review
  • Draw support changes
  • Order supplies
  • Timeline
  • Calculate map stokes number, settling velocity, density, diameter, etc. to get density and diameter range.
  • Sedimentation literature

Stochastic models

  • Continue lit review
  • Linear/nonlinear applicability of Langevin equation?
  • Fitting program
  • More than two variables for fitting?

Background tasks

  • Clean up codebase
  • clean up database
  • Clean up resultsbase
  • Literature organization/tagging/review