How to share results

If you would like to share some results, or start a discussion, please create a separate wiki page.

This can be done very easily:

* Press the Edit Page button on the Wiki Start Page test * After the 'Results and Discussion' heading, insert a link similar to the following: [SurveyResults Survey Results]

This formatting creates the page SurveyResults, and displays Survey Results? as a highlight link.

* After you press the Submit changes button, you will see your link in grey. Follow the link to create the page.

* Use WikiFormatting, WikiMacros, and TracLinks as guides for formatting your page. Remember you can at the source of any wiki page by using the 'Edit Page' button to get formatting ideas.

Very quick guide to formatting wiki pages

* Headings

= Heading =
== Subheading ==
=== Subsubheading ===


There are a lot of possibilities, but I like the syntax:

[address of link text of link]

for example, websites:

[ google]

other wiki pages

[SurveyResults Survey Results]

code in repository:

[source:/trunk/ESWIRP_data_processing/LEGI_hotwire/data_retrieval/README README file]

Code comparisons, etc.

[changeset:8 compare the new and old versions]

For more info, see TracLinks

* Images

You can use the 'Attach File' button on the wiki page (only visible after you exit edit mode), upload a picture, then use the syntax:

[[Image(picture.png, 75%)]] 

or you can use a picture in the svn repository like this:

[[Image(source:/trunk/ESWIRP_data_processing/LEGI_hotwire/survey/survey_results/Survey_All_Week.png, 75%)]] 

* Code blocks

Use the following syntax:

my code block here

* Latex

For simple math:

$ my equation $

For more complex latex code

[latex code]