About Jan Zika

In 2005 Jan completed a combined Mathematics/Physics degree at the University of Tasmania with 1st class Honours in Astrophysics. From 2006 till 2009 Jan undertook a PhD through the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Laboratories, Hobart Tasmania. As his Thesis, Jan developed a new and innovative inverse techniques for estimating rates of vertical and lateral diffusion in the global ocean, known as the tracer contour inverse method.

Recently, Jan has been a postdoctoral Research Fellow in Grenoble, France. Funded through the ANR "Southern Cross" Project, Jan and his colleagues have been exploring the Southern Ocean, a key player in the global ocean circulation and air-sea fluxes of heat and CO$_2$.

Jan is currently a Research Fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia. Jan is continuing to explore the Ocean's role in the Climate system. His emphasis is moving towards the Global Thermohaline Circulation and new and innovative methods for understanding the global climate system and change.


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