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    20    $0 [-w number] [-f] [-v] <host1> <host2> <clusterssh class>... <hostM>- <hostN>+
     20   $0 [-w number] [-f] [-v] [-c remote_cmd] <host1> <host2> <clusterssh class>... <hostM>- <hostN>+
    23    -w  windows to open (integer, default 16)
    24    -f  fast, no nmap scan to eliminate sleeping computer
    25    -v  verbose
    26    -h  help
     23   -w             windows to open (integer, default 16)
     24   -f             fast, no nmap scan to eliminate sleeping computer
     25   -v             verbose
     26   -c remote_cmd  launch the remote command on hosts and exit
     27   -h             help
     30   tssh can be use to launch terminal on many computer in parallel with tmux
     31   multiplexer and ssh.
     32   The tmux windows is splitted automatically.
     33   If you need more computers on the same windows, you can zoom in and out
     34   under gnome terminal with Ctrl- or Ctrl+.
     35   This must be done before launching tssh.
     37   On the command line, you can put host, login@host, clusterssh class.
     38   A host or a class can be remove from the list with a dash append
     39   and force to be in this one with a plus append.
     40   Example with the cluster ssh config below:
     42    tssh all team- node005 laptop04+
     44   Is equivalent to:
     46    tssh srv-mail srv-dns srv-imap srv-web srv-proxy \\
     47      node001 node002 node003 node004 \\
     48      node101 node102 node103 node104 \\
     49      node005 laptop04
     51   The control command for tmux is Ctrl^b.
     52   You can switch from broadcast to a local machine with Ctrl^b Ctrl^b
     53   and move between machine with Ctrl^b ArrowKey.
    3360   wamerican (or wfrench...) is used to choose a random word in the file /usr/share/dict/words
    3461   for each new tmux session.
    3563   ncurses-bin is required for the tput command
    3664   to automatically split your terminal into several small panels.
    4169   It takes 10 lines and 40 columns for each windows by default.
    4270   If tput is not installed, the default is 16 windows...
     73   The clusterssh config file ~/.csshrc is a key values file.
     74   The "clusters" is mandatory for clusterssh (not tssh) and define the other keys.
     75   Values could be computer list or other key...
     77    clusters = all server s1 s2 s3 node n1 n2 team switch
     78    all = server node team
     79    server = s1 s2
     80    node = n1 n2
     81    s1 = srv-mail srv-dns srv-imap
     82    s2 = srv-web srv-proxy
     83    n1 = node001 node002 node003 node004
     84    n2 = node101 node102 node103 node104
     85    team = pc01 pc06 laptop04 laptop05 laptop09
     86    switch = root@switch01 root@switch05 root@switch17
     88   The tssh config file (~/.tsshrc) can be use change the default parameters.
     90    #export split_number=16
     91    export dyn_domain='mycompagny.local'
     92    #export fast='yes'
     93    #export verbose='yes'
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