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SoftWare / DDT - Computer Names and IP Address Management (IPAM)


DDT is an acronym for DHCP-DNS-Tools. In practise, DDT is an IP Address Management (IPAM) service. It has been used in the LEGI laboratory for over 10 years. ddt (dhcp-dns-tools) is a small tool to maintain a set of computers/IP. In order to help you in this task, ddt command has a set of action to generated DHCP and DNS configuration files.

The tool is quite effective and tries to keep things simple but easily configurable for your site like a swiss army knife. Everything is saved in a YAML database and entries could be added, deleted, or modified by the command line.

All the command help and description is on the online manual ddt

Debian package

Debian is a GNU/Linux distribution. Debian (and certainly Ubuntu) package for amd64 arch could be download on:

You can then install it with

sudo dpkg -i ddt_*_amd64.deb

(just replace * with the version you have donwloaded).

Software repository

All code is under free license. Scripts in bash are under GPL version 3 or later (, the perl scripts are under the same license as perl itself ie the double license GPL and Artistic License (

All sources are available on the LEGI forge:

The sources are managed via subversion ( It is very easy to stay synchronized with these sources

  • initial recovery
    svn checkout soft-ddt
  • the updates thereafter
    svn update

It is possible to have access to writing at the forge on reasoned request to Gabriel Moreau. For issues of administration time and security, the forge is not writable without permission. For the issues of decentralization of the web, autonomy and non-allegiance to the ambient (and North American) centralism, we use our own forge...

You can propose an email patch of a particular file via the diff command. Note that svn defaults to the unified format (-u). Two examples:

diff -u > ddt.patch
svn diff ddt > ddt.patch

We apply the patch (after having read and read it again) via the command

patch -p0 < ddt.patch