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    11= SoftWare / !NagiosVelvice - Nagios Velvice Alert Panel =
     3== Description ==
     5Nagios VELVICE is an acronym for "Nagios leVEL serVICE status".
     7The tool is quite effective and tries to keep things simple
     8but easily configurable for your site like a swiss army knife.
     9Everything is configured in a YAML file.
     11All the command help and description is on the online manual
     12[ velvice]
     15== Debian package ==
     17Debian is a GNU/Linux distribution.
     18Debian (and certainly Ubuntu) package for amd64 arch could be download on:
     20You can then install it with
     23sudo dpkg -i nagios3-velvice*_amd64.deb
     25(just replace * with the version you have donwloaded).
     28== Software repository ==
     30All code is under '''free license'''.
     31Scripts in `bash` are under GPL version 3 or later (,
     32the `perl` scripts are under the same license as `perl` itself ie the double license GPL and Artistic License (
     34All sources are available on the LEGI forge:
     36The sources are managed via subversion (
     37It is very easy to stay synchronized with these sources
     39 * initial recovery
     41svn checkout soft-nagios-velvice
     43 * the updates thereafter
     45svn update
     48It is possible to have access to writing at the forge on reasoned request to [mailto:Gabriel.Moreau(A) Gabriel Moreau].
     49For issues of administration time and security, the forge is not writable without permission.
     50For the issues of decentralization of the web, autonomy and non-allegiance to the ambient (and North American) centralism, we use our own forge...
     52You can propose an email patch of a particular file via the `diff` command.
     53Note that `svn` defaults to the unified format (`-u`).
     54Two examples:
     56diff -u > nagios-velvice.patch
     57svn diff nagios-velvice > nagios-velvice.patch
     59We apply the patch (after having read and read it again) via the command
     61patch -p0 < nagios-velvice.patch