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5  <title>Description of name_generator</title>
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7  <meta name="description" content="'name_generator': creates a file name from a root name and indices.">
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23<h2><a name="_name"></a>PURPOSE <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
24<div class="box"><strong>'name_generator': creates a file name from a root name and indices.</strong></div>
26<h2><a name="_synopsis"></a>SYNOPSIS <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
27<div class="box"><strong>function [filename,num_i1_out,num_j1_out,num_i2_out,num_j2_out,subdir_out]=name_generator(filebase,num_i1,num_j1,ext,nom_type,comp_input,num_i2,num_j2,subdir); </strong></div>
29<h2><a name="_description"></a>DESCRIPTION <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
30<div class="fragment"><pre class="comment">'name_generator': creates a file name from a root name and indices.
32 [filename,idetect,num_i1_out,num_j1_out,num_i2_out,num_j2_out,subdir_out]=...
33 name_generator(filebase,num_i1,num_j1,ext,nom_type,comp_input,num_i2,num_j2,subdir);
35 This function detects the existence the constructed file name and it can
36 find indices according to file existence if they are not specified
37%rmq: this function is related to the reverse functions display2name and name2diplay
40filename: string representing the file name (including path)
41idetect: =1 if the file is detected, 0 otherwise
42num_i1_out,num_j1_out,num_i2_out,num_j2_out,subdir_out: index numbers and subdirectory detected
43for free input (= to the corresponding input indices when comp_input=1)
46 'filebase': the root name,
47 'num_i1: first labelling index i
48 'num_j1', first labelling index j
49 'ext': file name extension (e.g. '.png' or '.nc')
50 'nom_type': string defining the kind of nomenclature used:
51nom_type='': constant name [filebase ext] (default output if 'nom_type' is undefined)
52nom_type='*': the same  file [filebase ext] contains successive fields (ex avi movies)
53nom_type='_i': series of files with a single index i preceded by '_'(e.g. 'aa_45.png').
54nom_type='#' series of indexed images wich is not series_i [filebase index ext], e.g. 'aa045.jpg' or 'aa45.tif'
55nom_type='_i_j' matrix of files with two indices i and j separated by '_'(e.g. 'aa_45_2.png')
56nom_type='_i1-i2' from pairs from a single index (e.g. '')
57nom_type='_i_j1-j2'pairs of j indices (e.g. '')
58nom_type='_i1-i2_j' pairs of i indices (e.g. '')
59nom_type='#a','#A' with a numerical index and an index letter(e.g.'aa045b.png'), OBSOLETE (replaced by 'series_i_j')
60nom_type='%03d' or '%04d', series of indexed images with numbers completed with zeros to 3 or 4 digits, e.g.'aa045.tif'
61nom_type='_%03d', '_%04d', or '_%05d', series of indexed images with _ and numbers completed with zeros to 3, 4 or 5 digits, e.g.'aa_045.tif'
62nom_type='raw_SMD', same as '#a' but with no extension ext='', OBSOLETE
63nom_type='#_ab' from pairs of '#a' images (e.g. ''), ext='.nc', OBSOLETE (replaced by 'netc_2D')
64nom_type='%3dab' from pairs of '%3da' images (e.g. ''), ext='.nc', OBSOLETE (replaced by 'netc_2D')
65 A REVOIR: 'comp_input'=1 for writting =0 for reading ,  'comp_input'(for nom_type involving index pairs (e.g. netc))
66comp_input=1: the index pair is imposed,
67comp_input=0: the index pair is automatically searched, choosing the most recent  file in case of multiple choice
68 'num_i2': second index i (for nom_type involving index pairs (e.g. netc))
69 'num_j2': second index j (for nom_type involving index pairs (e.g. netc))
70 'subdir': (used for nom_type=netc...) string representing the name of the subdirectory 'subdir' containing file.
71subdir='': no subdirectory,
72subdir='?', the file is first searched with no subdirectory, then in the most recently modified subdirectory if not detected.</pre></div>
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75<h2><a name="_cross"></a>CROSS-REFERENCE INFORMATION <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
76This function calls:
77<ul style="list-style-image:url(../matlabicon.gif)">
78<li><a href="name2display.html" class="code" title="function [RootPath,RootFile,field_count,str2,str_a,str_b,ext,nom_type,subdir]=name2display(fileinput)">name2display</a>     'name2display': extracts the root name and field numbers from an input filename</li><li><a href="num2stra.html" class="code" title="function str=num2stra(num,nom_type,index);">num2stra</a>    'num2stra': transform number to the corresponding character string depending on the nomenclature</li><li><a href="stra2num.html" class="code" title="function numres=stra2num(str)">stra2num</a>        'stra2num': transform letters (a, b, c) or numerical strings ('1','2'..) to the corresponding numbers</li></ul>
79This function is called by:
80<ul style="list-style-image:url(../matlabicon.gif)">
81<li><a href="civ.html" class="code" title="function varargout = civ(varargin)">civ</a>  'civ': function associated with the interface 'civ.fig' for PIV, spline interpolation and stereo PIV (patch)</li><li><a href="civ_3D.html" class="code" title="function varargout = civ_3D(varargin)">civ_3D</a>        'civ_3D': function associated with the interface 'civ_3D.fig' for PIV in volume</li><li><a href="series.html" class="code" title="function varargout = series(varargin)">series</a>     'series': master function associated to the GUI series.m for analysis field series</li><li><a href="uvmat.html" class="code" title="function varargout = uvmat(varargin)">uvmat</a>     'uvmat': function associated with the GUI 'uvmat.fig' for images and data field visualization</li></ul>
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