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5  <title>Description of plot_field</title>
6  <meta name="keywords" content="plot_field">
7  <meta name="description" content="'plot_field': plot any field with the structure defined in the uvmat package">
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15<div><a href="../index.html">Home</a> &gt;  <a href="index.html">.</a> &gt; plot_field.m</div>
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23<h2><a name="_name"></a>PURPOSE <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
24<div class="box"><strong>'plot_field': plot any field with the structure defined in the uvmat package</strong></div>
26<h2><a name="_synopsis"></a>SYNOPSIS <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
27<div class="box"><strong>function [PlotType,PlotParamOut,haxes]= plot_field(Data,haxes,PlotParam,KeepLim,PosColorbar) </strong></div>
29<h2><a name="_description"></a>DESCRIPTION <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
30<div class="fragment"><pre class="comment">'plot_field': plot any field with the structure defined in the uvmat package
33  This function is used by uvmat to plot fields. It automatically chooses the representation
34 appropriate to the input field structure:
35     2D vector fields are represented by arrows, 2D scalar fiedlds by grey scale images or contour plots, 1D fields are represented by usual plot with (abscissa, ordinate).
36  The input field structure is first tested by check_field_structure.m,
37  then split into blocks of related variables  by find_field_indices.m.
38  The dimensionality of each block is obtained  by this fuction
39  considering the presence of variables with the attribute .Role='coord_x'
40  and/or coord_y and/or coord_z (case of unstructured coordinates), or
41  dimension variables (case of matrices).
43 function [PlotType,PlotParamOut,haxes]= plot_field(Data,haxes,PlotParam,KeepLim,PosColorbar)
46 PlotType: type of plot: 'text','line'(curve plot),'plane':2D view,'volume'
47 PlotParamOut: structure, representing the updated  plotting parameters, in case of automatic scaling
48 haxes: handle of the plotting axis, when a new figure is created.
51    Data:   structure describing the field to plot
52         (optional) .ListGlobalAttribute: cell listing the names of the global attributes
53                    .Att_1,Att_2... : values of the global attributes
54         (requested)  .ListVarName: list of variable names to select (cell array of  char strings {'VarName1', 'VarName2',...} )
55         (requested)  .VarDimName: list of dimension names for each element of .ListVarName (cell array of string cells)
56                      .VarAttribute: cell of attributes for each element of .ListVarName (cell array of structures of the form VarAtt.key=value)
57         (requested) .Var1, .Var2....: variables (Matlab arrays) with names listed in .ListVarName
59            Variable attribute .Role :
60    The only variable attribute used for plotting purpose is .Role which can take
61    the values
62       Role = 'scalar':  (default) represents a scalar field
63            = 'coord_x', 'coord_y',  'coord_z': represents a separate set of
64                        unstructured coordinate x, y  or z
65            = 'vector': represents a vector field whose number of components
66                is given by the last dimension (called 'nb_dim')
67            = 'vector_x', 'vector_y', 'vector_z'  :represents the x, y or z  component of a vector 
68            = 'warnflag' : provides a warning flag about the quality of data in a 'Field', default=0, no warning
69            = 'errorflag': provides an error flag marking false data,
70                   default=0, no error. Different non zero values can represent different criteria of elimination.</pre></div>
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73<h2><a name="_cross"></a>CROSS-REFERENCE INFORMATION <a href="#_top"><img alt="^" border="0" src="../up.png"></a></h2>
74This function calls:
75<ul style="list-style-image:url(../matlabicon.gif)">
76<li><a href="check_field_structure.html" class="code" title="function [DataOut,errormsg]=check_field_structure(Data)">check_field_structure</a> 'check_field_structure': check the validity of the field struture representation consistant with the netcdf format</li><li><a href="find_field_indices.html" class="code" title="function [CellVarIndex,NbDim,VarType,errormsg]=find_field_indices(Data)">find_field_indices</a>        'find_file_indices': test field structure for input in proj_field and plot_field</li><li><a href="msgbox_uvmat.html" class="code" title="function varargout = msgbox_uvmat(varargin)">msgbox_uvmat</a>  'msgbox_uvmat': associated with GUI msgbox_uvmat.fig to display message boxes, for error, warning or input calls</li><li><a href="plot_text.html" class="code" title="function hdisplay=plot_text(FieldData,hdisplay_in)">plot_text</a> 'plot_text': function for displaying the content of a Matlab structure in a figure</li><li><a href="proj_grid.html" class="code" title="function [A,rangx,rangy]=proj_grid(vec_X,vec_Y,vec_A,rgx_in,rgy_in,npxy_in)">proj_grid</a>      'proj_grid': project  fields with unstructured coordinantes on a regular grid</li><li><a href="read_plot_param.html" class="code" title="function PlotParam=read_plot_param(handles)">read_plot_param</a>       'read_plot_param':  read plotting parameters from the interface uvmat</li><li><a href="set_col_vec.html" class="code" title="function [colorlist,col_vec,colcode_out]=set_col_vec(colcode,vec_C)">set_col_vec</a>       'set_col_vec': sets the color code for vectors depending on a scalar vec_C and parameters given by the struct colcode</li><li><a href="set_title.html" class="code" title="function TITLE=set_title(Style,ProjMode)">set_title</a>      'set_title': defines the 'TITLE' of a projection object</li></ul>
77This function is called by:
78<ul style="list-style-image:url(../matlabicon.gif)">
79<li><a href="geometry_calib.html" class="code" title="function varargout = geometry_calib(varargin)">geometry_calib</a> 'geometry_calib': performs geometric calibration from a set of reference points</li><li><a href="mouse_down.html" class="code" title="function xy=mouse_down(hObject,eventdata)">mouse_down</a> 'mouse_down': function activated when the mouse button is pressed on a figure (callback for 'WindowButtonDownFcn'</li><li><a href="update_obj.html" class="code" title="function Object_out=update_obj(UvData,IndexObj,ObjectData,PlotHandles)">update_obj</a>  'update_obj': update the object graph representation and its projection field, record it in the uvmat interface</li><li><a href="uvmat.html" class="code" title="function varargout = uvmat(varargin)">uvmat</a>        'uvmat': function associated with the GUI 'uvmat.fig' for images and data field visualization</li></ul>
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