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[8]1%'cell2tab': transform a Matlab cell in a character array suitable for display in a table
3% function Tabchar=cell2tab(Tabcell,separator)
[128]6% Tabchar: column cell of char strings suitable for display (equal length)
[8]8% INPUT:
[128]9% Tabcell: (ni,nj) cell matrix of char strings to be displayed as  ni lines , nj column
10% separator: char string used for separating displayed columns
[8]12function Tabchar=cell2tab(Tabcell,separator)
15%determine width of each column
[128]16if isequal(ni,1)
17    widthcolumn=cellfun('length',Tabcell);% case of a single line, no justification used
19    widthcolumn=max(cellfun('length',Tabcell));
21lsep=numel(separator); %nbre of characters of the separator
22nbchar_line=(sum(widthcolumn)+(nj-1)*lsep); %total nbre of characters in each output line
23default_line=blanks(nbchar_line); %default blank line
25Tabchar=mat2cell(Tabmat,ones(1,ni),nbchar_line); %default output
[8]27%justify table
[125]28for itab=1:ni   
[128]29    charchain=default_line; 
[125]30    for jtab=1:nj% read line
[8]31        textlu=Tabcell{itab,jtab};
[128]32        if jtab==1
33            charchain(1:length(textlu))=textlu;%introduce separator chain string except for the first column
34            ind_column=widthcolumn(1);%new current char index in the line
35        else
36            charchain(ind_column+1:ind_column+lsep)=separator;%introduce separator chain string except for the first column
37            charchain(ind_column+lsep+1:ind_column+lsep+length(textlu))=textlu;%introduce separator chain string except for the first column
38            ind_column=ind_column+widthcolumn(jtab)+lsep;
[8]39        end
40    end
41    Tabchar(itab,1)={charchain};
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