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many corrections, use of the new GUI civ with mask, grid and the new matlab civ1 and fix
pivlab now included in civ_matlab which contains all matlab subfunctions for civ.

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1%'check_files': check the path, modification date and svn version for all the
2%  function in the toolbox UVMAT. Called at the opening of uvmat. Adds the
3%  uvmat path to the Matlab path if needed.
5% function [errormsg,date_str,ver]=check_files
8% errormsg: error message listing functions whose paths are not in the directory of uvmat.m
9% date_str: date of the most recent modification of a file in the toolbox
10% ver : svn version in case this is a  svn repository
13%  Copyright Joel Sommeria, 2008, LEGI / CNRS-UJF-INPG,
15%     This file is part of the toolbox UVMAT.
17%     UVMAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
18%     it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
19%     the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
20%     (at your option) any later version.
22%     UVMAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
23%     but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
25%     GNU General Public License (file UVMAT/COPYING.txt) for more details.
28function [errormsg,date_str,svn_info]=check_files
35    'calc_field';...% defines fields (velocity, vort, div...) from civx data and calculate them
36    'cell2tab';... %transform a Matlab cell in a character array suitable for display in a table
37    'check_field_structure';...% check the validity of the field struture representation consistant with the netcdf format
38    'check_files';...
39    'civ';...   %function associated with the interface 'civ.fig' for PIV and spline interpolation
40    'civ.fig';...
41    'civ_3D';... function associated with the interface 'civ_3D.fig' for PIV in volume (in progress)
42    'civ_3D.fig';...
43    'civ_matlab';...% civ programs, Matlab version (called by civ.m, option Civprogram/Matlab in the upper menu bar)
44    'close_fig';...% function  activated when a figure is closed
45    'copyfields';...% copy fields between two matlab structures
46    'create_grid';...% called by the GUI geometry_calib to create a physical grid
47    'create_grid.fig';...% GUI corresponding to create_grid.m
48    'dataview';...% function for scanning directories in a campaign
49    'dataview.fig';...% GUI corresponding to dataview
50    'delete_object';...%delete a projection object, defined by its index in the Uvmat list or by its graphic handle
51    'editxml';...%display and edit xml files using a xls schema
52    'editxml.fig';...%interface for editxml
53    'find_field_indices';...% group the variables of a nc-formated Matlab structure into 'fields' with common dimensions
54    'geometry_calib';...%performs geometric calibration from a set of reference points
55    'geometry_calib.fig';...%interface for geometry_calib
56    'get_field';...% choose and plot a field from a Netcdf file
57    'get_field.fig';...%interface for get_field
58    'griddata_uvmat';...%make 2D linear interpolation using griddata, with input appropriate for both Matlab 6.5 and 7
59    'hist_update';...%  update of a current global histogram by inclusion of a new field
60    'imadoc2struct';...%convert the image documentation file ImaDoc into a Matlab structure
61    'keyboard_callback';... % function activated when a key is pressed on the keyboard
62    'ListDir';... scan the structure of the directory tree (for dataview.m)
63    'mouse_down';% function activated when the mouse button is pressed on a figure (callback for 'WindowButtonDownFcn')
64    'mouse_motion';...% permanently called by mouse motion over a figure (callback for 'WindowButtonMotionFcn')
65    'mouse_up';... % function to be activated when the mouse button is released (callback for 'WindowButtonUpFcn')
66    'msgbox_uvmat';... associated with GUI msgbox_uvmat.fig to display message boxes, for error, warning or input calls
67    'msgbox_uvmat.fig';...
68    'name2display';...% extracts the root name and field numbers from an input filename
69    'name_generator';...%creates a file name from a root name and indices.
70    'nc2struct';...% transform a netcdf file in a corresponding matlab structure
71    'peaklock';...%
72    'phys_XYZ';...% transform coordiantes from pixels to phys
73    'px_XYZ';...% transform coordiantes from phys to pixels
74    'plot_field';...%displays a vector field and/or scalar or images
75    'plot_object';...%draws a projection object (points, line, plane...)
76    'proj_field';...%project a field on a projection object (plane, line,...)
77    'read_civxdata';...reads civx data from netcdf files
78    'read_imatext';...%read .civ files (obsolete, but can be adapted to other text documentation files)
79    'read_GUI';... %read all parameters set by a GUI as a Matlab structure
80    'read_set_object';...%read the data on the set_object interface
81    'read_xls';...%read excel files containing the list of the experiments
82    'reinit';...% suppress the personal parameter file 'uvmat_perso.mat'
83    'RUN_STLIN';...% combine 2 displacement fields for stereo PIV
84    'series';...% master function for analysis field series, with interface 'series.fig'
85    'series.fig';...% interface for 'series'
86    'set_col_vec';...
87    'set_grid';...% creates a grid for PIV
88    'set_grid.fig';...% interface for set_grid
89    'set_object.m';...%  edit a projection object
90    'set_object.fig';...% interface for set_object
91    'sub_field';...% combine the two input fields,
92    'struct2nc';...% %write fields in netcdf files
93    'uvmat';...% master function for file scanning and visualisation of 2D fields
94    'uvmat.fig';...  %interface for uvmat
95    'update_imadoc';...  %update the ImaDoc xml file
96    'update_obj';... update the object representation graph and its projection field, record it in the uvmat interface
97    'update_waitbar';... update the waitbar display, used for ACTION functions in the GUI 'series'
98    'view_field.m';...% function for visualisation of projected fields'
99    'view_field.fig';...%GUI for view_field
100    'write_plot_param'...%update plotting parameters after plot
101    };
102dir_fct=which('uvmat');% path to uvmat
105%% add the uvmat path to matlab if needed
106if isempty(regexp(path,[pathuvmat '(:|\>)'],'once'))
107    addpath(pathuvmat);
111%% loop on the list of functions in the uvmat package
115for i=1:length(list_fct)
116    dir_fct=which(list_fct{i});% path to fct
117    if isempty(dir_fct)
118        icount=icount+1;
119        errormsg{icount}=[list_fct{i} ' not found'];% test for function not found
120    else
121        [pth,name,ext]=fileparts(dir_fct);
122        if ~isequal(pathuvmat,pth)&~isequal(fullfile(pathuvmat,'private'),pth)
123            icount=icount+1;
124            errormsg{icount}=[dir_fct ' overrides the package UVMAT'];% bad path for the function
125        end
126        datfile=dir(dir_fct);
127        if isfield(datfile,'datenum')
128            datnum(i)= datfile.datenum;
129        end
130        %;%string of the date of last modification
131        %        datnum(i)=0;%default
132        %        try
133        %            datnum(i)=datenum(date_str);
134        %        catch
135        %            datnum(i)=0;%in case of error with datenum (e.g. date in french)
136        %        end
137    end
141[status,~]=system('svn --help');
142if status==0
143    [~,result]=system(['svn info ' dir_fct]);
144    t=regexp(result,'\s:\s(?<rev>\d+)','names');
145    svn_info.cur_rev=str2double(t.rev);
146    [~,result]=system(['svn info -r ''HEAD'' '  dir_fct]);
147    t=regexp(result,'\s:\s(?<rev>\d+)','names');
148    svn_info.rep_rev=str2double(t.rev);
149    [~,result]=system(['svn status'  dir_fct]);   
150    svn_info.status=result;
151    if svn_info.rep_rev>svn_info.cur_rev
152        errormsg {length(errormsg)+1}=['Repository now at revision ' num2str(svn_info.rep_rev) '. Please type svn update in uvmat folder'];
153    end
155    modifications=regexp(svn_info.status,'M\s[^(\n|\>)]+','match');
157    if ~isempty(modifications)
158        for k=1:length(modifications)
159            errormsg {length(errormsg)+1}=modifications{k};
160        end
161    end
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