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aver_stat and time_series: bug repairs for reading images, for time series, the projection of images on a line now works
get_field: various bug repairs, export field on work space activated
struct2nc and struct2nc_toolbox.m: small bug repaired
nomtype2pair: test on string input introduced to avoid error
cell2tab: test on multiline input introduced
civ: pb about cell repair (bug with recent versions of matlab)

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1%'nomtype2pair': creates nomencalture for index pairs knowing the image nomenclature
3% [nom_type_pair]=nomtype2pair(nom_type,Dti,Dtj);
10% INPUT:
11% 'nom_type': string defining the kind of nomenclature used:
12     %nom_type='': constant name [filebase ext] (default output if 'nom_type' is undefined)
13     %nom_type='*': the same  file [filebase ext] contains successive fields (ex avi movies)
14     %nom_type='_i': series of files with a single index i preceded by '_'(e.g. 'aa_45.png').
15     %nom_type='#' series of indexed images wich is not series_i [filebase index ext], e.g. 'aa045.jpg' or 'aa45.tif'
16     %nom_type='_i_j' matrix of files with two indices i and j separated by '_'(e.g. 'aa_45_2.png')
17     %nom_type='_i1-i2' from pairs from a single index (e.g. '')
18     %nom_type='_i_j1-j2'pairs of j indices (e.g. '')
19     %nom_type='_i1-i2_j' pairs of i indices (e.g. '')
20     %nom_type='#a','#A', with a numerical index and an index letter(e.g.'aa045b.png'), OBSOLETE (replaced by 'series_i_j')
21     %nom_type='%03d' or '%04d', series of indexed images with numbers completed with zeros to 3 or 4 digits, e.g.'aa045.tif'
22     %nom_type='_%03d', '_%04d', or '_%05d', series of indexed images with _ and numbers completed with zeros to 3, 4 or 5 digits, e.g.'aa_045.tif'
23     %nom_type='raw_SMD', same as '#a' but with no extension ext='', OBSOLETE
24     %nom_type='#_ab' from pairs of '#a' images (e.g. ''), ext='.nc', OBSOLETE (replaced by 'netc_2D')
25     %nom_type='%3dab' from pairs of '%3da' images (e.g. ''), ext='.nc', OBSOLETE (replaced by 'netc_2D')
26% Dti: ~=0 if i index pairs are used
27% Dtj: ~=0 if i index pairs are used
29function [nom_type_pair]=nomtype2pair(nom_type,Dti,Dtj)
31%determine nom_type_nc:
33if ischar(nom_type)
34    switch nom_type
35        case {'_i_j'}
36            if Dtj>0 || Dtj<0
37                nom_type_pair='_i_j1-j2';
38                if Dti>0 || Dti<0
39                    nom_type_pair='_i1-i2_j1-j2';
40                end
41                elseif Dti>0 || Dti<0
42                nom_type_pair='_i1-i21_j';   
43            else
44                 nom_type_pair='_i_j';
45            end
46        case {'_i1-i2_j'}
47            if Dtj>0 || Dtj<0
48               nom_type_pair='_i1-i2_j1-j2';
49            else
50                nom_type_pair='_i1-i2_j';
51            end
52        case {'i_j1-j2'}
53            if Dti>0 || Dti<0
54               nom_type_pair='_i1-i2_j1-j2';
55            else
56                nom_type_pair='_i1-i2_j';
57            end
58        case {'i1-i2_j1-j2'}
59             nom_type_pair='_i1-i2_j1-j2';
60        case '#a'
61            if Dtj>0 || Dtj<0
62                nom_type_pair='#_ab';
63            end
64        otherwise
65            if Dti>0 || Dti<0
66               nom_type_pair='_i1-i2';
67            end
68    end
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