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2Steps for installing uvmat:
4- Install Matlab, release R 13 or more recent.
6- Copy the whole UVMAT directory at a convenient location. Be careful on Windows machines:
7 names of files and directories used must not contain blanks.
8- Add the full path of this UVMAT directory, as well as the ones of the mexnc, netcdf_toolbox and bin (or bin/win32) folder,
9to the current matlab function paths (using 'File/SetPath...' in the matlab menu bar), so that
10function names are recognized from the Matlab prompt.
11-For reading avi movies, a codec must be available on the computer. This is the case for instance if a
12fire wire port has been installed. See the documentation of Matlab for more details.
15Netcdf library needed for old versions of Matlab (if the builtin function netcdf.create does not exist):
17- Install the (free) toolbox for reading and writing netcf files for the velocity fields: download from You must download both mexnc and netcdf_toolbox packages and
18 copy them under the folder 'toolbox' in your Matlab directory.
19- download netcdf.dll (also provided in this directory, but you may already have in bin/win32 in your Matlab directory)
21- To check whether this installation is successful, type 'ncbrowser' on the Matlab prompt:
22 you should get a browser allowing to scan netcdf files.
25Installing the civx software with the matlab interface (local version):
27- Install uvmat as above.
28- Copy at a convenient location the executable binary civ (still under tests) and netcdf.dll (vrsion 3.4).
29-Document the path to these binaries by editing the corresponding xml text files 'PARAM_WIN.xml' (for windows systems) and/or 'PARAM_LINUX.xml' (for Linux), which must stay in the UVMAT directory.
30-Alternatively, use the older versions involving 4 separate binaries:
31civ1.exe: simple correlation imaging velocimetry
32civ2.exe: hierarchical algorithm for correlation imaging velocimetry
33fix_flag.exe: program for removing false vectors (only needed for batch option)
34patch.exe: program for thin shell spline interpolation
37Note for compiling the civx software on Linux system:
39The binaries are compiled with Intel Fortran v7 and gcc3.3; the following libraries need to be present on your sstem :
41intel fortran libraries, please download it here :
42extract them, and add the folder to you /etc/ file.
45Installation of advanced geometric callibration (Tsai method)
47- Copy at a convenient location the executable binary ccal_fo.
48- Document the path under the key <GeometryCalib_exe> in the file 'PARAM_WIN.xml' or 'PARAM_LINUX.xml'
51Installation of xml schemas
53- Copy the schemas at a convenient location
54- Document the path under the key <SchemaPath in the file 'PARAM_WIN.xml' or 'PARAM_LINUX.xml'
57Changes: uvmat2.1 -> 2.2:
59- reading avi movies using mmreader (for version 2009 of matalb)
60- rationalisation of netcdf reading and writing functions, using functions UVMAT/nc2struct and UVMAT/struct2nc. Use of builtin netcdf Matlab function when available (version 2009)
61- replacement of all functions using image processing toolbox.
62- improvement of vector color representation
63- improvement of the get_field interface to scan and plot fields from general netcdf files
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