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    1 Installation of UVMAT from SVN repository
     2Steps for installing uvmat:
     4- Install Matlab, release R 13 or more recent.
     5- Download the package appropriate to your system from,
     6or use the SVN server, see below.
     7- unzip the package to a convenient location. Path name must not contain blanks.
     8- Add this folder /uvmat to your matlab paths (option 'add folder without sub-folders'). Use the Matlab function addpath or the menu bar.
     9-For reading compressed avi movies, a codec must be available on your computer.
     10-uvmat uses the toolbox xmltree. In case of problem for reading xml files (problem with xml_findstr.mexglx) type the command >> mex -O xml_findstr.c or reload the package xmltree from the web.
     13Updating uvmat with the SVN server(to fill):
     17civx software for PIV (local version):
     19- Install uvmat as above, civ should be ready to run.
     20- Binary files are provides with the package in the subdirectory /bin. They depend on the operating system, unlike the Matlab functions.
     21- There are 4 separate binaries:
     22civ1.exe: simple correlation imaging velocimetry
     23civ2.exe: hierarchical algorithm for correlation imaging velocimetry
     24fix_flag.exe: program for removing false vectors (only needed for batch option)
     25patch.exe: program for thin shell spline interpolation
     26- These binaries can be put at a different location, then the corresponding path must be defined in the file PARAM.xml.
     29civx software for PIV:case of Mac OS
     31libpng s'installe sans problème apparemment (voir sur site), pas plus de probleme que sous linux
     32Pour netcdf, il faut installer macports :
     34Puis dans le dossier /opt/local/bin
     35sudo ./port install netcdf +g95
     36A ce niveau la les executables civ, patch etc .. fonctionnent dans un terminal mais pas encore
     37dans le shell de matlab (il manque une bibliothèque).
     38dans le dossier
     40cp libnetcdf.4.dylib /Applications/
     41ou l'on remplacera allégrement le chemin suivant la version de Matlab concernée.
     44Netcdf library needed for old versions of Matlab (if the builtin function netcdf.create does not exist):
     46- Install the (free) toolbox for reading and writing netcf files for the velocity fields: download from You must download both mexnc and netcdf_toolbox packages and
     47 copy them under the folder 'toolbox' in your Matlab directory.
     48- download netcdf.dll (also provided in this directory, but you may already have in bin/win32 in your Matlab directory)
     50- To check whether this installation is successful, type 'ncbrowser' on the Matlab prompt:
     51 you should get a browser allowing to scan netcdf files.
     54 xml schemas
     56- Copy the schemas at a convenient location
     57- Document the path under the key <SchemaPath in the file 'PARAM.xml' or 'PARAM.xml'
     60Note for Linux_x86_64 systems
     62- copy the file in the CIVX directory (ex : ~/CIVX/bin)
     63- add this entry to the .bashrc file in your home directory
     67where "./CIVX/bin" should start from the directory you start matlab
     68(ex:  if you start matlab from your home "user@host~$ matlab -desktop &"
     69and your CIVX/bin is located in ~/CIVX/bin)
     72Note for compiling the civx software on Linux system:
     74The binaries are compiled with Intel Fortran v7 and gcc3.3; the following libraries need to be present on your sstem :
     76intel fortran libraries, please download it here :
     77extract them, and add the folder to you /etc/ file.
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