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'RUN_FIX': function for fixing velocity fields:


function error=RUN_FIX(filename,field,flagindex,iter,thresh_vecC,flag_mask,maskname,thresh_vel,inf_sup,fileref,fieldref)


'RUN_FIX': function for fixing velocity fields:

filename: name of the netcdf file (used as input and output)
field: structure specifying the field to fix (field.vel_type='civ1' or 'civ2')
flagindex: flag specifying which values of vec_f are removed: 
 if flagindex(1)=1: vec_f=-2 vectors are removed
 if flagindex(2)=1: vec_f=3 vectors are removed
 if flagindex(3)=1: vec_f=2 vectors are removed (if iter=1) or vec_f=4 vectors are removed (if iter=2)
iter=1 for civ1 fields and iter=2 for civ2 fields
thresh_vecC: threshold in the image correlation vec_C
flag_mask: =1 mask used to remove vectors (0 else)
maskname: name of the mask image file for fix
thresh_vel: threshold on velocity, or on the difference with the reference file fileref if exists
inf_sup=1: remove values smaller than threshold thresh_vel, =2, larger than threshold
fileref: .nc file name for a reference velocity (='': refrence 0 used)
fieldref: 'civ1','filter1'...feld used in fileref


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