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Matlab files in this directory:

 ListDir'ListDir': scan the structure of the directory tree (for dataview.m)
 RUN_FIX'RUN_FIX': function for fixing velocity fields:
 RUN_STLIN'RUN_STLIN': combine velocity fields for stereo PIV
 calc_field'calc_field': defines fields (velocity, vort, div...) from civx data and calculate them
 cell2tab'cell2tab': transform a Matlab cell in a character array suitable for display in a table
 check_field_structure'check_field_structure': check the validity of the field struture representation consistant with the netcdf format
 check_functions'check_functions': check the path and modification date for all the
 civ'civ': function associated with the interface 'civ.fig' for PIV, spline interpolation and stereo PIV (patch)
 civ_3D'civ_3D': function associated with the interface 'civ_3D.fig' for PIV in volume
 close_fig'close_fig': function activated when a figure is closed
 copyfields'copyfields' copy fields between two matlab structures
 create_grid'create_grid': called by the GUI geometry_calib to create a physical grid
 dataview'dataview': function for scanning directories in a campaign
 delete_object'delete_object': delete a projection object, defined by its index in the Uvmat list or by its graphic handle
 editxml'editxml': function for editing xml files using a xml schema (associated with the GUI editxml.fig)
 find_field_indices'find_file_indices': test field structure for input in proj_field and plot_field
 geometry_calib'geometry_calib': performs geometric calibration from a set of reference points
 get_field'get_field': display variables and attributes from a Netcdf file, and RUN selected fields
 get_plot_handles'get_plot_handles': list the handles of elements setting the plotting parameters in the uvmat interface
 griddata_uvmat'griddata_uvmat': function griddata_uvmat(vec2_X,vec2_Y,vec2_U,vec_X,vec_Y,'linear')
 hist_update'hist_update': update of a current global histogram by inclusion of a new field
 imadoc2struct'imadoc2struct': reads the xml file for image documentation
 interp2_uvmatA matrix (npy,npx) to interpolate
 keyboard_callback'keyboard_callback:' function activated when a key is pressed on the keyboard
 mouse_down'mouse_down': function activated when the mouse button is pressed on a figure (callback for 'WindowButtonDownFcn'
 mouse_motion'mouse_motion': permanently called by mouse motion over a figure (Callback for 'WindowButtonMotionFcn' of the figure)
 mouse_up'mouse_up': function activated when the mouse button is released
 msgbox_uvmat'msgbox_uvmat': associated with GUI msgbox_uvmat.fig to display message boxes, for error, warning or input calls
 name2display'name2display': extracts the root name and field numbers from an input filename
 name_generator'name_generator': creates a file name from a root name and indices.
 nc2struct'nc2struct': transform a netcdf file in a corresponding matlab structure
 nc2struct_toolbox'nc2struct_toolbox': transform a netcdf file in a corresponding matlab structure, USE OLD NETCDF LIBRARY
 nomtype2pair'nomtype2pair': creates nomencalture for index pairs.
 num2stra'num2stra': transform number to the corresponding character string depending on the nomenclature
 peaklock'peaklock': determines peacklocking errors from velocity histograms.
 plot_field'plot_field': plot any field with the structure defined in the uvmat package
 plot_object'plot_object': draws a projection object (points, line, plane...)
 plot_text'plot_text': function for displaying the content of a Matlab structure in a figure
 proj_field'proj_field': projects the field on a projection object
 proj_grid'proj_grid': project fields with unstructured coordinantes on a regular grid
 read_civxdata'read_civxdata': reads civx data from netcdf files
 read_geometry_calib'read_geometry_calib': read data on the GUI geometry_calib
 read_get_field'read_get_field': read the list of selected variables from the GUI get_field
 read_image'read_image': reads an image from a single file or a movie file
 read_imatext'read_imatext': reads the .civ file for image documentation (obsolete)
 read_plot_param'read_plot_param': read plotting parameters from the interface uvmat
 read_set_object'read_set_object': read the data on the 'set_object' interface
 read_xls'read_xls': function for reading and displaying Excel files
 reinit'reinit': delete the personal parameter file 'uvmat_perso.mat'
 series'series': master function associated to the GUI series.m for analysis field series
 set_col_vec'set_col_vec': sets the color code for vectors depending on a scalar vec_C and parameters given by the struct colcode
 set_grid'set_grid':produce grid for PIV with one or two images (stereo case)
 set_object'set_object': GUI to edit a projection object
 set_title'set_title': defines the 'TITLE' of a projection object
 stra2num'stra2num': transform letters (a, b, c) or numerical strings ('1','2'..) to the corresponding numbers
 struct2nc'struct2nc': create a netcdf file from a Matlab structure
 struct2nc_toolbox'struct2nc_toolbox': create a netcdf file from a Matlab structure: use of netcdf toolbox
 struct2xml'struct2xml': transform a matlab structure to a xml tree.
 sub_field'sub_field': combines two input fields
 translate_points'translate_points': associated with GUI translate_points.fig to display message boxes, for error, warning or input calls
 update_imadoc'update_imadoc': update an xml file with geometric calibration parameters
 update_menu'update_menu': find an input string in a menu, add it to the menu at the penultimate position if it does not exist
 update_obj'update_obj': update the object graph representation and its projection field, record it in the uvmat interface
 update_waitbar'update_waitbar': update the waitbar display, used for ACTION functions in the GUI 'series'
 uvmat'uvmat': function associated with the GUI 'uvmat.fig' for images and data field visualization
 write_plot_param'write_plot_param': update the plotting parameters on the uvmat interface after a plotting operation

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