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'name2display': extracts the root name and field numbers from an input filename


function [RootPath,RootFile,field_count,str2,str_a,str_b,ext,nom_type,subdir]=name2display(fileinput)


'name2display': extracts the root name and field numbers from an input filename 

filebasesub: filename without appendix
field_count: string for the first number i
str2: string for the second number i (only for .nc files)
str_a: string for the first number j
str_b:string for the second number j (only for .nc files)
ext: file extension
nom_type: char chain characterizing the file nomenclature: with values
   nom_type='': constant name [filebase ext] (default output if 'nom_type' is undefined)
   nom_type='*':constant name for a file representing a series (e.g. avi movie)
   nom_type='_i': series of files with a single index i preceded by '_'(e.g. 'aa_45.png').
   nom_type='#', series of indexed images wich is not series_i [filebase index ext], e.g. 'aa045.jpg' or 'aa45.tif'
   nom_type='_i_j': matrix of files with two indices i and j separated by '_'(e.g. 'aa_45_2.png')
   nom_type='_i1-i2': from pairs from a single index (e.g. 'aa_45-47.nc') 
   nom_type='_i_j1-j2': pairs of j indices (e.g. 'aa_45_2-3.nc')
   nom_type='_i1-i2_j': pairs of i indices (e.g. 'aa_45-46_2.nc')
   nom_type='#a','#A", with a numerical index and an index letter(e.g.'aa045b.png') (lower or upper case)
   nom_type='raw_SMD', same as '#' but with no extension ext='', OBSOLETE
   nom_type='#_ab', from pairs of '#' images (e.g. 'aa045bc.nc'), ext='.nc', OBSOLETE (replaced by '_i_j1-j2')
subdir: name of the subdirectory for netcdf files

fileinput: complete name of the file, including path


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