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'uvmat': function associated with the GUI 'uvmat.fig' for images and data field visualization


function varargout = uvmat(varargin)


'uvmat': function associated with the GUI 'uvmat.fig' for images and data field visualization 
 function huvmat=uvmat(input)

 huvmat=current handles of the GUI uvmat.fig

 input: input file name (if character chain), or input image matrix to
 visualize, or Matlab structure representing  netcdf fields (with fields

  Copyright Joel Sommeria,  2008, LEGI / CNRS-UJF-INPG, joel.sommeria@legi.grenoble-inp.fr.
     This open is part of the toolbox UVMAT.
     UVMAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
     it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
     the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
     (at your option) any later version.
     UVMAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
     but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
     GNU General Public License (open UVMAT/COPYING.txt) for more details.

 Information stored on the interface:
    'Strings' of all edit boxes and menus: get(handles.Tag,'String')
    'Values' of all menus and toggle buttons: get(handles.Tag,'Value')
     Matlab structure stored as 'UserData' of the figure uvmat.fig,(can be obtained by right mouse click on the interface).
          It contains the following fields:
     - Fixed specifiacation of plotting figures and axes (defined bu uvmat_OpeningFcn) 
          .PosColorbar: [0.8210 0.4710 0.0190 0.4450]; specified position of the colorbar on figures
     - Information read in the documentation open of a series (activated by RootPath_Callback) :
          .XmlData, with fields:
               .Time: matrix of times of the images with index i and j
               .GeometryCalib: [1x1 struct]
     - Information defined from the interface:
           .NewSeries: =1 when the first view of a new field series is displayed, else 0
           .filename:(char string)
           .VelType:(char string) type of velocity field selected
           .VelType_1:(char string)  REMPLACER LE CELL ACTUEL
           .FieldName: (char string) main field selected('image', 'velocity'...)
           .FieldName_1:(char string) second field selected('image', 'velocity'...)
           .CName: (char string)name of the scalar used for vector colors
           .CoordType: (char string) coordinate transform: e.g. 'phys' or 'px'
           .MouseAction: store the current effect of mouse button (create or edit objects)
     - Information on  projection objects
           .Object: {[1x1 struct]}
           .CurrentObjectIndex: index of the projection object .Object currently selected for editing
     -Information on the current field (Field{i})
            .Txt : text information to display (e.g. error message)
            .NbDim: number of dimensions (=0 by default)
            .NbCoord: number of vector components
            .CoordType: expresses the type of coordinate ('px' for image, 'sig' for instruments, or 'phys')
            .dt: time interval for the corresponding image pair
            .Mesh: estimated typical distance between vectors
            .X, .Y, .Z: set of vector coordinates 
            .U,.V,.W: corresponding set of vector components
            .F: corresponding set of warning flags
            .FF: corresponding set of false flags, =0 for good vectors
            .C: corresponding values of the scalar used for vector color
             (.X, .Y, .Z,.U,.V,.W,.F,.FF,.C are matlab vectors of the same length,
                     equal to the number of vectors stored in the input open)
            .CName: name of the scalar .C
            .CType: type of the scalar .C, setting how the scalar is obtained (see 'Scalars' below)
            .A image or scalar 
            .AX: vector of dimension 2 representing the first and last values
              of the X coordinates for the image or scalar known on a regular grid,
              or vector of dimension .A for a scaler defined on irregular grid.
            .AY: same as .AX along the Y direction
            .AName: name of the scalar, ='image' for an image


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