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(edit) @924   5 years g7moreau * Update Copyright Copyright 2008-2016, LEGI UMR 5519 / CNRS UGA …
(edit) @908   6 years g7moreau * Update Copyright to 2015
(edit) @881   6 years sommeria various bug fix
(edit) @873   6 years sommeria civ improved at mask edge
(edit) @809   7 years g7moreau * Add license
(edit) @801   7 years g7moreau * Update Copyright on all file and make it similar
(edit) @772   7 years sommeria manip corrections and cleaning
(edit) @752   7 years sommeria various update
(edit) @748   7 years sommeria update for 3D plots, panel Coordiantes introduces, while coordiantes …
(edit) @726   7 years sommeria various improvements for interactive use
(edit) @717   7 years sommeria export figure from view_field on existing axis
(edit) @690   8 years sommeria representation of ancillary data as table improved.
(edit) @681   8 years sommeria mouse action improved for translations, use of magenta color to …
(edit) @650   8 years sommeria bugs corrected: handles.TimeName? in uvmat, 0_OAR emptied for culter …
(edit) @644   8 years sommeria various improvements: resize GUI uvmat, projection on lines
(edit) @625   8 years sommeria system of object creation by mouse ilmproved
(edit) @622   8 years sommeria mouse system for uvmat imrpoved
(edit) @612   8 years sommeria a few bugs repaired
(edit) @599   8 years sommeria various bug corrections. Steps further for civ_series (still …
(edit) @591   8 years sommeria various updates, in particular modification of series to do …
(edit) @569   8 years sommeria many corrections; introduction of browse_data to scan the whole set of …
(edit) @544   9 years sommeria bugs corrected
(edit) @511   9 years sommeria cleaning of uvmat and related fcts
(edit) @432   9 years sommeria system of projection object manipulation with uvmat improved.
(edit) @429   9 years sommeria improvements in object drawing and projection on points
(edit) @428   9 years sommeria bugs fixed. Introduction of transparency and axis aspect ratio in uvmat
(edit) @425   9 years sommeria improvement of object management
(edit) @413   9 years sommeria various bugs corrected and improvement in civ1_TEST
(edit) @408   9 years sommeria various bugs corrected in series and uvmat.
(edit) @406   9 years sommeria bugs corrected in civ_matlab and object projection
(edit) @405   9 years sommeria many bugs corrected: composition of 2 input fields, arrow colors from …
(edit) @402   9 years sommeria bugs corrected and improved procedure for object projection
(edit) @387   9 years sommeria several bugs corrected: mask, color image…
(edit) @356   9 years sommeria civ updated with new functions for opening files, consistently with …
(edit) @329   9 years sommeria bugs repaired in series, default size of view_field changed. ';' added …
(edit) @315   9 years sommeria many corrections, use of the new GUI civ with mask, grid and the new …
(edit) @302   9 years sommeria improve the display of projection objects
(edit) @295   9 years sommeria plotting functions debugged and checked after the introduction of uipanels
(edit) @292   9 years sommeria GUI civ patch2 corrected (SmoothingParam?). uvmatand view_field updated …
(edit) @231   10 years sommeria interactive test for piv introduced various bug corrections
(edit) @220   10 years sommeria correction in civ to reactivate civall. Cleaning of figures civ.fig …
(add) @198   10 years sommeria bug corrections. Introduction of water wheight in calibration
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