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To use UVMAT and CIV on the LEGI cluster, follow the following indications.

Log on the LEGI machine servcalcul3 :

ssh -X

Go to a folder where you want to install uvmat. In this folder, a "uvmat" folder will be created by the following procedure.

Copy paste the lines below :

export http_proxy=
unset http_proxy
tar -xzvf uvmat_include_linux64.tgz 
mv uvmat_linux64 uvmat
rm uvmat_include_linux64.tgz 
cd uvmat
svn checkout ./
cp PARAM.xml PARAM.xml.bak
sed "s/BatchMode></BatchMode>oar</g" PARAM.xml.bak > PARAM.xml

You can then launch Matlab, add the uvmat folder to your Matlab path, type uvmat and play.

General info on LEGI cluster