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    290290The second field can be removed by unselecting the check box '''[!SubField] '''.
    292294=== 4.6 Field transforms ===
    293295A transform can be systematically applied after reading the input field, for instance the transform 'phys' which takes into account geometric calibration. This transform can possibly combine two input fields, for instance to substract a background from an image. The processing function is chosen  by the popup menu '''[transform_fct]''' on the left, and its path is displayed in the box '''[path_transform]'''. Select the option 'more...' to browse new functions. The same functions can be called in data processsing using the GUI '''series.fig'''. A few functions are provided in the folder /transform_fct, see the list in  [#overview the function overview].
    539541This GUI '''get_field.fig''' is aimed at browsing a NetCDF file, showing all its variables, attributes and variable dimensions. Variables can be selected for input in '''uvmat''' or '''series'''. The GUI is opened by selecting the option '''get_field...''' in the menu '''[!FieldName]''' of '''uvmat''' or '''series'''. This option is automatically selected when the input NetCDF file is not recognised as CIV data.
    541 [[Image(7-2 The GUI get_field .png)]]
     543[[Image(7-2 The GUI get_field.png)]]
    543545When a NetCDF input file opened, its full name, including path, is displayed in the upper window '''[inputfile]'''. The names and value of the global attributes are listed in the left column '''[attributes]''', the list of variables in the central column '''[variables]''', and the list of dimension names and values in the right column '''[dimensions]'''. By selecting one of the variables in the central column, the corresponding variable attributes and dimensions are displayed in the left and right columns respectively. Note that the whole content of the NetCDF file can be obtained by the function ''nc2struct.m''. Input fields can be selected according to three options, chosen by the menu '''[!FieldOption]'''.