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    9898 * '''Coordinate aspect ratio:''' when '''[!CheckFixAspectRatio]''' is selected (the default option for images), the scale ratio for the  x and y coordinates is fixed to 1 by default (it can be manually adjusted by the edit box '''[num_AspectRatio]'''. When '''[!CheckFixAspectRatio]''' is not selected the graph scales along x and y automatically adjust to the figure size.
    100102 * '''Extracting graphs:'''   The graph displayed in the central window can be copied to a separate figure by pressing the menu bar command '''[Export/extract figure]'''. This allows plot editing, exporting in image format and printing, using standard Matlab graphic tools. Plots can be also exported on an existing figure for data comparison, using the option '''[Export/export on axis]'''. A movie can be produced using the command '''[Export/make movie avi]'''.
    102104 * '''Extracting data''' as Matlab arrays. Information stored in the GUI UVMAT (as ''!UserData'' in the figure) can be extracted in the Matlab work space by the menu bar command  '''[Export/field in workspace]''' (or by pressing the right mouse button on the GUI). Type '>>Data_uvmat.Field' to get the current input field as a Matlab structure. An image or scalar matrix is for instance obtained as Data_uvmat.Field.A.
    104 [[Image(help_coordinates_titres.jpg)]]
     106* '''Extracting a movie'''
     107You can create a movie reproducing the effect of the button ++> of uvmat: the content of each successive view is reproduced in an ancilary figure whose content is eventually saved as a movie with format .avi (no compression). Display in uvmat the field chosen as  the first frame of the movie, and adjust the settings: it is advised to fix the scale of the scalar or vector fields to keep it constant during the movie. Then use the upper bar menu option '''[Export/make movie]'''. The figure used for the movie appears as well as an ancillary GUI '''[set_movie]''' used to set the frame rate,the image resolution and the total number of frames. It is possible to edit the titles in the figure using the tools of Matlab. When everything is ready, press '''[START]''' in '''[set_movie]'''.