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In adjonction to the CIVx package, we develop a matlab GUI compatible with the NetCDF velocity fields format, and suitable for processing of temporal series of velocity, concentrations or scalar 2D or 3D fields Quick browsing

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This free Matlab toolbox contains a graphic user interface to scan and visualize series of images and data fields (vectors and scalars). It provides statistics and various processing for these data. It also contains a graphic user interface to run the Correlation Image Velocimetry software CIVx and analyze its results.


This toolbox requires Matlab, release R 13 or more recent. It can be run with any computer system on which Matlab is installed (in particular Linux and Windows).


Before downloading the latest version of UVMAT, extract one of the following archives depending on your architecture

Then perform a checkout in this directory.

svn checkout

The following file structure should be obtained at the end :

calc_field.m             get_plot_handles.m   proj_grid.m            stra2num.m
cell2tab.m               griddata_uvmat.m     px_XYZ.m               struct2nc.m
check_field_structure.m  hist_update.m        read_civxdata.m        struct2nc_toolbox.m
check_functions.m        imadoc2struct.m      read_geometry_calib.m  struct2xml.m
civ_3D.fig               interp2_uvmat.m      read_get_field.m       sub_field.m
civ_3D.m                 keyboard_callback.m  read_imatext.m         test_netcdf.m
civ.fig                  ListDir.m            README_INSTALL.txt     toolbox_calib
civ.m                    mouse_down.m         read_plot_param.m      transform_field
close_fig.m              mouse_motion.m       read_set_object.m      translate_points.fig
copyfields.m             mouse_up.m           read_xls.m             translate_points.m
create_grid.fig          msgbox_uvmat.fig     reinit.m               update_imadoc.m
create_grid.m            msgbox_uvmat.m       rotate_points.fig      update_menu.m
dataview.fig             name2display.m       rotate_points.m        update_obj.m
dataview.m               name_generator.m     RUN_FIX.m              update_waitbar.m
delete_object.m          nc2struct.m          RUN_STLIN.m            uvmat_doc
editxml.fig              nc2struct_toolbox.m  series                 uvmat.fig
editxml.m                nomtype2pair.m       series.fig             uvmat.m
find_field_indices.m     num2stra.m           series.m               view_field.fig
geometry_calib.fig       PARAM.xml            set_col_vec.m          view_field.m
geometry_calib.m         peaklock.m           set_grid.fig           write_plot_param.m
get_field                plot_field.m         set_grid.m             XML_SCHEMAS
get_field.fig            plot_object.m        set_object.fig         @xmltree
get_field.m              proj_field.m         set_object.m

Louis Gostiaux

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