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In adjonction to the CIVx package, we develop a matlab GUI compatible with the NetCDF velocity fields format, and suitable for processing of temporal series of velocity, concentrations or scalar 2D or 3D fields

This free Matlab toolbox contains a graphic user interface to scan and visualize series of images and data fields (vectors and scalars). It provides statistics and various processing for these data. It also contains a graphic user interface to run the Correlation Image Velocimetry software CIVx and analyze its results.


This toolbox requires Matlab, release R 13 or more recent. It can be run with any computer system on which Matlab is installed (in particular Linux and Windows).


Linux automated installation

The procedure under linux requires the svn and wget commands from a shell. See LinuxInstallation?.

MacOS automated installation

The procedure under MacOs requires the svn and curl commands from a shell. See MacOsInstallation?.

LEGI Cluster Installation

If you wish to install UVMAT in your home of the LEGI cluster, please see LegiClusterInstallation?.

Windows installation

Extract the following archive windows 32 bits.

Then perform a checkout in this directory using Tortoise SVN. The repository is available for download at

CIV developper installation (advanced users)

If you also wish to have the last version of CIV and compile it on your machine, please see CivxDevelloperInstallation?

Help and documentation

Online help is available at :

A tutorial is available at :

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