Simulation of SCAlar by Large Eddy Simulation (SCALES)

development and application

Projet ANR 2010 JCJC 0916 01


In fluid dynamics, for many scientific issues and industrial applications, the chief point is the prediction of the dynamics of a scalar advected by a turbulent flow. The scalar field is used to describe the temperature field, the concentration of chemical species or a level-set function to capture the interface in multiphase flows. The goal of this proposal is to better understand the scalar dynamics in turbulent flows, and to develop accurate modeling procedures to predict the observed scalar behavior. Each task focus on a specific objective to be finally able to develop accurate methodologies to numerically simulate the scalar transport on a broad range of applications. Thus, we plan to develop new subgrid-scale (SGS) model to perform accurate Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) taking into account the molecular properties of the scalar. The model development will use a systematic procedure based on the optimal estimation theory. This systematic procedure will be also used to model other SGS quantities needed for LES of turbulent combustion. Moreover, we will combine grid-based solver with particle methods to obtain a finer discretisation of the scalar field than the velocity field. Finally, we plan to add SGS models to particle methods to be able to simulate scalar without diffusivity in very turbulent flows. This is the case when the scalar is a level-set function in multiphase flow simulations.

Direct numerical simulation of passive scalar at high Schmidt number. MoST 2012.

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