WGSOP Annual Workshop 2010

The next workshop will be held on November, 10th 2010 at ISC-PIF in Paris.


  • Jacqueline Boutin
  • Cédric Cotté
  • Carolina Dufour
  • Maité Lacarra
  • Julien Le Sommer
  • Thierry Penduff (videoconference)
  • Fabien Roquet (videoconference)
  • Jean-Baptiste Sallée
  • Roland Séférian
  • Hela Sekma
  • Sabrina Speich (videoconference)
  • Martin Vancoppenolle
  • Jan Zika


The event will be held between 10AM and 5:30PM. The agenda will include four topical sessions.

The meeting will start at 10:00 with Coffee and Croissants

10:30-11h15 : Observing the Southern Ocean

  • Sabrina Speich - Status of BONUS-GOOODHOPE and GOODHOPE field campaigns (videoconference)
  • Hela Sekma - Direct observations of the ACC transport across the Kerguelen Plateau from the 2009-2010 TRACK cruises
  • Maité Lacarra - Status of ALBION field campaign.

11:15-12:15 : Mechanisms of interannual variability in the Southern Ocean

  • Jan Zika- Localised Acceleration of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
  • Carolina Dufour - Southern Ocean response to the SAM: role of eddies and SAM pattern
  • Julien Le Sommer - Control of Southern Ocean SST variability by sea surface fluxes in an eddy resolving model

12:30 lunch at the Café Lea

2:00-3:40 : Physico-biogeochemical interactions in the Southern Ocean

  • Jean-Baptiste Sallée - Southern Ocean surface dynamics and their impact on water mass and tracer sequestration
  • Jacqueline Boutin - Importance of water mass formation regions for the air-sea CO_2 flux estimate in the Southern Ocean
  • Roland Séférian- Water mass analysis of the effect of climate change on air-sea CO2 fluxes. The Southern Ocean
  • Cédric Cotté - Influence of ocean physics on the distribution and intensity of biological production in the Southern Ocean: an approach based on higher trophic levels with elephant seals.
  • Martin Vancoppenolle - Modelling sea ice biogeochemistry in the Southern Ocean


4:00-4:40 : Remote talks

two remote-talks from the US :

  • Thierry Penduff - Chaotic interannual variability of sea surface height in the Southern Ocean (videoconference)
  • Fabien Roquet - On the distribution of wind-work to the ocean interior (videoconference)

4:40-5:30 : Open discussions

  • Prospective INSU.
  • International collaborations with Australia, South Africa and New Zealand (Marina Levy)
  • How is the intensity of surface eddy kinetic energy in the Southern Ocean related to atmospheric forcing ?
  • What will the next generation altimetry (SWOT) bring to Southern Ocean science ?
  • What are the key mechanism governing the time and space variability of primary production in the Southern Ocean ?

Practical details