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pEqn.H File Reference
#include "continuityErrs.H"
#include "UaUbLimiter.H"
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word schemeA ("div(alpha,nu)")
nuFraExp min (nuMaxExp)
nuFraExp correctBoundaryConditions ()
 if (SUSlocal)
 forAll (p_rbgh.boundaryField(), patchi)
surfaceScalarField rAUKda (fvc::interpolate(beta/rhoa *K *rUaA))
surfaceScalarField rAUKdb (fvc::interpolate(alpha/rhob *K *rUbA))
surfaceScalarField Dp ("(rho*(1|A(U)))", alphaf *rUaAf/rhoa+betaf *rUbAf/rhob)
 setSnGrad< fixedFluxPressureFvPatchScalarField > (p_rbgh.boundaryFieldRef(),(phiHbyA.boundaryField() - alphaf.boundaryField() *(mesh.Sf().boundaryField() &Ua.boundaryField())+betaf.boundaryField() *(mesh.Sf().boundaryField() &Ub.boundaryField()))/(mesh.magSf().boundaryField() *Dp.boundaryField()))
 while (pimple.correctNonOrthogonal())


surfaceScalarField betaf = scalar(1.0) - alphaf
volScalarField rUaA = 1.0/UaEqn.A()
volScalarField rUbA = 1.0/UbEqn.A()
 rUaAf = fvc::interpolate(rUaA)
surfaceScalarField rUbAf = fvc::interpolate(rUbA)
volVectorField HabyA = Ua
volVectorField HbbyA = Ub
volScalarField nuFraExp = nuFra
surfaceScalarField oneOverAlpha
surfaceScalarField phiDraga
surfaceScalarField phiDragb
surfaceScalarField phiUa
surfaceScalarField phiUb
surfaceScalarField phiaHbyA = phiUa + phiDraga
surfaceScalarField phibHbyA = phiUb + phiDragb
surfaceScalarField phiHbyA

Function Documentation

◆ schemeA()

word schemeA ( "div(alpha,nu)"  )

◆ min()

nuFraExp min ( nuMaxExp  )

◆ correctBoundaryConditions()

nuFraExp correctBoundaryConditions ( )

◆ if()

if ( SUSlocal  )

Definition at line 58 of file pEqn.H.

References beta, gradUbT, nuEffb, SUS(), Ub, and Usmall().

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◆ forAll()

forAll ( p_rbgh.  boundaryField(),

◆ rAUKda()

surfaceScalarField rAUKda ( fvc::interpolate(beta/rhoa *K *rUaA )

Referenced by while().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ rAUKdb()

surfaceScalarField rAUKdb ( fvc::interpolate(alpha/rhob *K *rUbA )

Referenced by while().

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◆ Dp()

surfaceScalarField Dp ( "(rho*(1|A(U)))"  ,
alphaf *rUaAf/rhoa+betaf *rUbAf rhob 

Referenced by while().

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◆ setSnGrad< fixedFluxPressureFvPatchScalarField >()

setSnGrad< fixedFluxPressureFvPatchScalarField > ( p_rbgh.  boundaryFieldRef(),
(phiHbyA.boundaryField() - alphaf.boundaryField() *(mesh.Sf().boundaryField() &Ua.boundaryField())+betaf.boundaryField() *(mesh.Sf().boundaryField() &Ub.boundaryField()))/(mesh.magSf().boundaryField() *Dp.boundaryField())   

◆ while()

while ( pimple.  correctNonOrthogonal())

Definition at line 212 of file pEqn.H.

References alpha, beta, Dp(), K, phi(), phia, phir(), rAUKda(), rAUKdb(), rhoa, rhob, rUaAf, Ua, Ub, and Ur().

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Variable Documentation

◆ betaf

surfaceScalarField betaf = scalar(1.0) - alphaf

Definition at line 27 of file pEqn.H.

◆ rUaA

volScalarField rUaA = 1.0/UaEqn.A()

Definition at line 29 of file pEqn.H.

◆ rUbA

volScalarField rUbA = 1.0/UbEqn.A()

Definition at line 30 of file pEqn.H.

◆ rUaAf

rUaAf = fvc::interpolate(rUaA)

Definition at line 32 of file pEqn.H.

Referenced by if(), and while().

◆ rUbAf

surfaceScalarField rUbAf = fvc::interpolate(rUbA)

Definition at line 33 of file pEqn.H.

◆ HabyA

HabyA = Ua

Definition at line 35 of file pEqn.H.

◆ HbbyA

HbbyA = Ub

Definition at line 37 of file pEqn.H.

◆ nuFraExp

volScalarField nuFraExp = nuFra

Definition at line 43 of file pEqn.H.

◆ oneOverAlpha

surfaceScalarField oneOverAlpha
Initial value:
volScalarField & alpha
Definition: createFields.H:85

Definition at line 48 of file pEqn.H.

◆ phiDraga

surfaceScalarField phiDraga

Definition at line 69 of file pEqn.H.

◆ phiDragb

surfaceScalarField phiDragb
Initial value:
- (fvc::interpolate(scalar(2.0)/(beta*scalar(3.0)))
+ rUbAf*(fvc::interpolate(scalar(1.0)/beta)
*fvc::interpolate(fvc::div(beta*nuEffb*gradUbT, schemeA)) & mesh.Sf())
+ rUbAf*((gradPOSC/rhob) & mesh.Sf())
volScalarField & beta
Definition: createFields.H:87
word schemeA("div(alpha,nu)")
volTensorField gradUbT
const dimensionedScalar & rhob
Definition: createFields.H:92
surfaceScalarField rUbAf
Definition: pEqn.H:33
autoPtr< PhaseIncompressibleTurbulenceModel< singlePhaseTransportModel > > turbulenceb(PhaseIncompressibleTurbulenceModel< singlePhaseTransportModel >::New(alpha, Ub, alphaPhic, phib, phasebTransport))
Definition: UEqns.H:29
volScalarField SUS(IOobject("SUS", runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::NO_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE), mesh, SUSread)
volScalarField & alpha
Definition: createFields.H:85

Definition at line 111 of file pEqn.H.

◆ phiUa

surfaceScalarField phiUa
Initial value:
(fvc::interpolate(HabyA) & mesh.Sf()) + rUaAf*fvc::ddtCorr(Ua, phia)
Definition: pEqn.H:32
volVectorField HabyA
Definition: pEqn.H:35
volVectorField & Ua
Definition: createFields.H:95
surfaceScalarField & phia
Definition: createFields.H:96

Definition at line 167 of file pEqn.H.

◆ phiUb

surfaceScalarField phiUb
Initial value:
(fvc::interpolate(HbbyA) & mesh.Sf()) + rUbAf*fvc::ddtCorr(Ub, phib)
volVectorField HbbyA
Definition: pEqn.H:37
surfaceScalarField rUbAf
Definition: pEqn.H:33
volVectorField & Ub
Definition: createFields.H:86

Definition at line 172 of file pEqn.H.

◆ phiaHbyA

surfaceScalarField phiaHbyA = phiUa + phiDraga

Definition at line 177 of file pEqn.H.

◆ phibHbyA

surfaceScalarField phibHbyA = phiUb + phiDragb

Definition at line 178 of file pEqn.H.

◆ phiHbyA

surfaceScalarField phiHbyA
Initial value:
= alphaf*(phiaHbyA + rAUKda*phib)
surfaceScalarField rAUKda(fvc::interpolate(beta/rhoa *K *rUaA))
surfaceScalarField betaf
Definition: pEqn.H:27
surfaceScalarField phiaHbyA
Definition: pEqn.H:177
surfaceScalarField & phia
Definition: createFields.H:96
surfaceScalarField phibHbyA
Definition: pEqn.H:178
surfaceScalarField rAUKdb(fvc::interpolate(alpha/rhob *K *rUbA))

Definition at line 184 of file pEqn.H.