oar-dispatch - dispatch lot of small oar job


 oar-dispatch [--task integer] [--overload real] --file filecommand [--verbose]
 oar-dispatch --help


[-t|--task integer]

Number of task to do in parallel. Default to the line number of the file OAR_NODE_FILE.

=item B<[-o|--overload real]>

Number of OAR job to create / number of task. Some job are create in advance to start whenever it's possible. 1.1 by default.

[-f|--file filecommand]

File name which content OAR job list


=item B<[-h|--help]>

Input job file name content can have

 - empty line
 - comment line begin with #
 - oarsub command without -t option
C<oar-dispatch> will add C<-t inner=container_id> in this command line,
just after C<oarsub>.


Example where the file $HOME/test/subjob.txt is a list of OAR script job (and can be executable but not need here).

 oarsub -n test -l /core=1,walltime=00:05:00 $HOME/test/subjob1.oar
 oarsub -n test -l /core=1,walltime=00:05:00 $HOME/test/subjob2.oar
 oarsub -n test -l /core=1,walltime=00:05:00 $HOME/test/subjob3.oar
 oarsub -n test -l /core=1,walltime=00:05:00 $HOME/test/subjob4.oar
 oarsub -n test -l /core=1,walltime=00:05:00 $HOME/test/subjob38.oar
 oarsub -n test -l /core=1,walltime=00:05:00 $HOME/test/subjob39.oar
 oarsub -n test -l /core=1,walltime=00:05:00 $HOME/test/subjob40.oar

These jobs could be launch with

 oarsub -t container -n test-container -l /core=6,walltime=00:35:00 "oar-dispatch -f ./subjob.list.txt"

Total walltime is defined by the formula:

 total_walltime = subjob_walltime * total_subjob / core + global_delay

In practise, oar-dispatch take few second and each subjob run in less than it's walltime so

 total_walltime < subjob_walltime * total_subjob / core

If launch in interactif, overload parameter is equal to 1, task must be define and no inner container is add to the oarsub command line.


oar-parexec, mpilauncher


Written by Gabriel Moreau, Grenoble - France


GPL version 2 or later and Perl equivalent

Copyright (C) 2011 Gabriel Moreau / LEGI - CNRS UMR 5519 - France