CoriolisUnixCommand - UNIX Command

Basic operations

  • to list content of the current folder: 'ls'. 'ls -al' to get more information.
  • to change name: mv 'old' 'new'
  • to delete: rm 'filename'
  • to delete folder: rmdir 'foldername' (after removing its content by 'rm *')

Use 'Table' key to complement any input command.

Moving among folders

cd 'absolute folder name' or relative name inside the current folder' To go up:

cd ..

To go home

cd ~

To go to your home on the LEGI computer server (can be reached also by the Window system like KDE or GNOME)

cd /.fsnet/data/legi/calcul9/home/'login name'

Moving to the LEGI computer server servcalcul3 by ssh

ssh -CX servcalcul

(-CX to allow graphic display for instance with Matlab) To reach your computer home from servcalcul3:

/.fsnet/data/team-meige/coriolis-home/'login name'

List running processes


Use a pipe grep (|grep) to select users or processes names.

Useful options :

  • a : all processes, not only current user's process
  • u : sorted by user
  • f : show arborescence

exemple ci-dessous : ps fau | grep matlab

 gostiaux@eres0vmbig2:/.fsnet/data/eres/coriolis-home/gostiaux$ ps fau |grep matlab
 mathur2m 29190  0.4  2.8 1239856 411264 pts/3  Sl+  Mar04  20:54  \_ /opt/matlab/R2009b/bin/glnxa64/MATLAB -r uvmat
 mathur2m 21961  1.5  3.3 1302644 486148 pts/24 Sl+  Mar04  55:18  \_ /opt/matlab/R2009b/bin/glnxa64/MATLAB -r uvmat
 mathur2m 22769  0.0  0.0  13708   980 pts/25   Ss+  Mar04   0:00      \_ /opt/matlab/R2009b/bin/glnxa64/matlab_helper /dev/pts/25 yes
 gostiaux 10901  0.0  0.0   9544   840 pts/15   S+   11:36   0:00  \_ grep matlab
 viboud   26714  0.0  1.9 1147184 292264 pts/0  Sl+  Mar04   3:40  \_ /opt/matlab/R2009b/bin/glnxa64/MATLAB -r uvmat
 sommeria  4098  0.9  2.9 1218768 436936 pts/10 Sl+  07:44   2:06  \_ /opt/matlab/R2009b/bin/glnxa64/MATLAB

List process with a given processname (list of PID numbers): ps -u 'username' | grep processname (|grep detects a string in any display)

kill process

kill 'number PID' or stronger  'kill -9 'numero PID' 

(case of thunderbird: need also to suppress lock files, use command 'rmLock')

A process with visible window can be also stopped directly by typing 'xkill' in a terminal and pressing the mouse on the window.

Synchronisation of files

rsync -a rep1 rep2/   

(be careful with / , synchronise the directory "rep1" with rep1 existing in rep2 ;)

Change file access properties

  • examples (can be performed only by the file owner):
  • change all png files to read-only in the current directory:
     chmod ugo-w *.png
  • provide writing access for your group to a directory dirname (or to a file):
    chmod ugo+ws dirname

Monitor disk space

Quota for a group::

quota -s -g -A

The relevant folders must be first activated by a command like cd or ls.

disk space used by folders

 du --max-depth=2 -h

browse recursively a folder, and gives the space of each block

example :

 gostiaux@eres0vmbig2:/fsnet/project/coriolis/2011$ du --max-depth=1 -h
 0       ./lost+found
 337G    ./11BORDES
 625G    ./11TRANSTEK

Monitor users

List potentially connected users

 ps faux | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | sort | uniq

loading the source of uvmat on the web server (for development of uvmat)

  1. Open a terminal and go to servcalcul3 by ssh (not on bigtwo).
  2. Get an updated version of uvmat from the svn server by typing:
    svn checkout UVMAT
  3. compress the folder UVMAT as a zip archive,
    zip -r uvmat_toolbox.v'number'.zip UVMAT 

where 'number' is the version number.

  1. transfer the archive to the web site using cadaver (like FTP).
    put uvmat_toolbox.v'number'.zip

remove older version by command rm . type 'exit' to exit cadaver. For updating the demo files, same procedure but taking the sources from /.fsnet/soft/team-meige/UVMAT/UVMAT_DEMO_SOURCES.

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