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    238238'''Tuesday, October 4th 2016'''
     240The tank was filled with water. Calibration curves for both probes were prepared (C,,1,, is the conductivity probe in the inlet box and C,,0,, is the one on the traverse). The traverse was reprogrammed for the new sequence. However, they have programmed it in a way that the total timing is about 15 minutes, instead of the proposed 19.5 minutes. They have decreased the stationary time and the move time, but the ADV dwell time stayed the same (60 s). Two experiments were conducted.
     242Experiment name: fixstr1_0410a and fixapex2_0410b. File names: fixstr1_0410a, fixapex2_0410b. Density excess and temperature for both experiments was 18.8 kg/m^3^ and 22.4°C respectively. Input flow rate started with 13.1 L/s and was decreased to 5.8 L/s. The Rossby number was infinity for both experiments. The start of the experiments (t=0 on the stopwatch) was when the flow rate and conductivity of the inlet box became constant.
     244fixstr1_0410a: The total experiment time was 36 minutes. PIV measurements were conducted for the first 10 minutes of the experiment. ADV data was collected at the straight section (Position X1 - 75% down straight section, 58 cm upstream from the end of the straight section) from 15 to 25 min after the flow rate became constant. 7 sets of siphon samples were collected at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 minutes after the start of experiment each with a duration of 1 minute. Cross-stream UVP collected data from 5 to 15 minutes and down-stream UVP collected data from 25 to 35 minutes.
     246fixapex2_0410b: The total experiment time was 30 minutes. ADV measurements were collected from 15 to 35 minutes after the start of the experiment at the second apex (Position X4).