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    138138= 5 - Organization of data files =
     140All data related to the project are in: \\SERVAUTH4\share\project\coriolis\2016
     141•       0_DOC: miscellaneous documentation and reports
     142•       0_MATLAB_FCT: specific matlab functions
     143•       0_PHOTOS: photos of set-up
     144•       0_Processing: UVP processing scripts in Matlab
     145•       0_REF_FILES: files of general use (calibration data, grids ...)
     146•       EXP1, EXP2, folder for each experiment with names given in the table below. The names refer to ‘fix’ for non-rotating fixed case, ‘rot’ for rotating case, ‘str1’ for the first straight position (also called position X1), and ‘apex 2’ , for the apex in bend 2 (also referred to as position X4).
     147o       Within each experiments, there is a folder with PIV imagery called ‘Camera’, one for ADV data – ‘ADV’, one for UVP data – ‘UVP’, and one for the data coming directly off of the Coriolis table control system ‘LABVIEW’. Some experiments also contain an ‘Images’ folder or a ‘GoPro folder’ containing GoPro videos.
     148       Each ‘Camera’ subfolder contains subfolders for each of the 3 PIV cameras: Dalsa (sometimes Falcon1 – it’s the same thing); PCO2; PCO3 [these are named after the different brands of camera]. Other folders include PCO2.png and PCO3.png which contain processes images of the PCO cameras, that are in a non-bespoke format. Other folders that can be within the Camera folder include: Dalsa.sback; Dalsa.sback_1; PCO2.png.civ; PCO2.png.civ_1; PCO2.png.civ_2; PCO2.png.sback: PCO2.png.sback_1; PCO3.png.sback_1
     149       Each ‘ADV’ subfolder, contains two sub-folders: ‘nkt_files’ containing raw Nortek files, and the ‘mat_files’ are the exported raw data in Matlab format.
     150       Each ‘UVP’ subfolder contains two folders – one with the experiment name (which is the downstream velocity data) recorded downstream of the velocity inflection downstream of bend apex 2, and one with experiment name ‘_cross’ which contains the cross-stream UVP data recorded at bend apex ‘2. These two folders contain text files for each of the probes. The convention is that Probe 1 is the basal probe, with each subsequent probe being successively higher. There are also .mfprof files which are the raw UVP data in native format. All probes are also integrated into single Matlab files. Lastly, there is a Logfile with the header file for the UVP detailing all of the parameters used in the run.
     151       Each ‘LABVIEW’ subfolder contains:
     152        .lvm file which is a text file and contains a time-stamp, two voltages for the Conductivity probe on the traverse (C0 – Conductivity, and T0 – temperature [this latter one doesn’t work]), a Trig_cam heading representing the Trigger for the PIV Cameras, Conductivity probe in the input box (C1 and T1), and C2 (this was conductivity for a second probe in the input box which was briefly used before breaking. There is always a record for this but it is just background noise.
     153       _position.lvm file which is an XYZ file with a times for the movement of the traverse
     154       Some folders also contain files. These are netcdf files and contain the vector data from the processed PIV images.