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    2222== 2.1 General description ==
     242.1 General description
     25A channel model is positioned within the Coriolis facility. The channel model consists of an initial tapered input section with a honeycomb baffle for flow straightening and turbulence control, a 3.2 m straight channel section, and two bends with a mid-channel radius of 1.5 m. The channel is made of acrylic and is 60 cm wide and 50 cm high; the sinuous section has a sinuosity of 1.2. The slope is 1/50 radians (2% gradient) and the channel terminates 10 cm off of the floor. Saline fluid is pumped into the top of the channel, forming a gravity current, which flows along the channel, and off the end. The basal 10 cm of the flume operates as a sump for the denser saline fluid to accumulate. In turn, this fluid can be drawn down in one of two ways: i) whilst recirculating the fluid, though this is limited to 20 m3/hr (5.55 l/s), and ii) through emptying to the drain, in which case any flow rate is possible.
     26Two long metal rails are positioned to either side of the channel model across the full width of the flume. These carry a computerized gantry, which can be positioned at any point along the channel. The gantry itself contains the controls for two Schneider slides, one orientated transverse to the model, and the other connected slide, orientated in the vertical. Thus the system enables xyz control.
    2429||'''Run Name'''||'''Measurement Position'''||'''Density Excess '''||'''Input flow'''||'''Rotation Rate'''||'''Initial Water Depth'''||'''Outflow Rate'''||'''Run Time'''||'''ADV Dwell Time'''||