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    1212= 0 - Publications, reports from the project =
    13 = ''6 - Table of Experiments: __(move down later!!)__'' =
    14 ||'''''Exp No.'''''||'''''Name'''''||'''''Date_begin'''''||'''''$H_{total}$'''''||'''''$T_{rot}$'''''||'''''$Q$'''''||'''''$R_{curvature}$'''''||'''''$\Delta \rho$'''''||'''''Cameras'''''||'''''Dye'''''||'''''Comments'''''||''' Notes'''||
    15 ||''''''''''||||''''''''''||$(m)$||$(s)$||$(L min!^{-1})$||$(m)$||$(kg m!^{-3}$||names||yes / no||||||
    16 ||0||test||11092017 hh:mm||0.60||50||?||0.50||0||PC01, PC02||yes||||Elin||
    17 ||1||exp01||??092017 hh:mm||0.60||50||?||0.50||0||PC01, PC02||||||
    1913= 1 - Objectives =
    2014The warm water threatening to melt the Antarctic ice shelves originates from the deep ocean north of the continental shelf. In order for the warm water to reach the ice shelf cavities it has to pass to topographic barriers: the shelf break and the ice shelf front. In a series of experiments we will explore the role of topography in controlling the onshelf flow of warm water.
    136130     * ''Each ‘LABVIEW’ subfolder contains: 1) a .lvm file which is a text file and contains a time-stamp, two voltages for the Conductivity probe on the traverse (C0 – Conductivity, and T0 – temperature [this latter one doesn’t work]), a Trig_cam heading representing the Trigger for the PIV Cameras, Conductivity probe in the input box (C1 and T1), and C2 (this was conductivity for a second probe in the input box which was briefly used before breaking. There is always a record for this but it is just background noise. 2) _position.lvm file which is an XYZ file with a times for the movement of the traverse. 3) Some folders also contain files. These are netcdf files and contain the vector data from the processed PIV images.''
     132= ''6 - Table of Experiments: ''
     134||'''''Exp No.'''''||'''''Name'''''||'''''Date_begin'''''||'''''$H_{total}$'''''||'''''$T_{rot}$'''''||'''''$Q$'''''||'''''$R_{curvature}$'''''||'''''$\Delta \rho$'''''||'''''Cameras'''''||'''''Dye'''''||'''''Comments'''''||''' Notes'''||
     135||''''''''''||||''''''''''||$(m)$||$(s)$||$(L min!^{-1})$||$(m)$||$(kg m!^{-3}$||names||yes / no||||||
     136||0||test||11092017 __[hh:mm hh:mm]__||0.60||50||?||0.50||0||PC01, PC02||yes||||Elin||
     137||1||exp01||??092017 __[hh:mm hh:mm]__||0.60||50||?||0.50||0||PC01, PC02||||||
     139 =
     140=  =
    138141= 7 - Diary: =
    139142'''Monday 11 September'''