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    190190We will use 650 :50: 900 to get Slices every 5 cm from 30 cm to 55 cm (total 6 Slices).
     192'''TEST experiments'''
     193The desired flow rate of 50 L/min should according to 0_DOCS\flow_rate.xclx should be achieved With a diaphragme of diameter 12.9 mm. We used 13 mm. The flow rate was estimated by measuring the time it took for the water Level in the feeding tanks to descend from 170 to 150 (with the pumps turned off) - it took 41s giving a flowrate of 40 L / 41 s = 58.5 L/min.
     195The pipe was first opened to remove boubles from the system. The Sources was designed in a way that the hose stopped just below the top of the Source which was out of the pater, thus creating a small waterfall, turbulence and a lot of boubles that got throught the honeycomb and flowed along the slope With the current. The Source will be redisgned so that the water is inserted below the water surface.
     198A second trial (still with the original source) was made later (when Samuel was back). The same ddiaphragme was used and the same amount of boubles was created. Flourescent dye (NAME) was injected first in the feeding tank above, then in directly in the water just upstream of the vertical laser sheet.
     200Time series of photos was obtained from the vertical camera.
     202Aperture 150ms
     203Time between photos 450 ms.
     205There were more particles in the inflow than in the ambient, and the border between the inflow and the ambient was seen to fluctuate up and down the slope. The timescale of this motion will be estimate from the photos tomorrow. 
     207When turning to the horizontal cameras it was decided that sloping topography gave too many uncontrolled reflections that made it unsafe to increase the intensity. To remove these,parts of the bathymetry has to be Paint in black. The tank was set to empty during the night, while recycling the water.