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    278278When scanning dt was set to 100 ms, but only every second photo was aquired so dt= 2 x 100.
    280 '''7.6 Wednesday 13 September'''
     280'''7.6 Thursday 14 September'''
     282'''Experiment EXP08''
     284The squared corners are still on, for the first 3 minutes of the horizontal slice the light in the entrance was turned on.
     286The flow turned left at the second corner following the slope in the depression keeping a "tight" shape on the topography.
     288After a while, a straight flow established, following the slope. The circulation is very slow compared to yesterday.
     290For the scan there is dt =1000ms between the first and the second image at each level, then dt=400ms. First image is not used to PIV
     292This is to avoid shaking of laser.
     294'''Experiment EXP09'''
     296The squared corners are removed and the flow rate is reduced. There were a lot of particles in the inflow in the beginning.
     298There is a clear split of the flow at the 2nd corner, the main part crosses the depression following the slope and a much smaller part followed the topography inside the depression.
     300The laser sheets were started 26 minutes after the valve was opened.
     302'''Experiment EXP10'''
     304The flow rate is increased. The beginning of the "jet" took less than 1minute to reach the 1st corner.
     306After the reaching the first corner a major part of the flow followed the boundary and circulated on the shelf.
     308A smaller part continued to the corner of the slope and the depression (after 3minutes) and entered the depression, circulated along the topography and escaped by the western side of the depression
    282310''6 - Table of Experiments: ''