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    129129== 4.2 Calibration for ice shelf experiments ==
    130132= 5 - Good to know... =
    131133== 5.1 How to turn on and off the lasers ==
    150 In uvmat>Run>field series change to "cluster oar"
     152In uvmat>Run>field series>run mode change to "cluster oar"
     154== 5.3 How to process the data ==
     156In uvmat select the Run>field series then open>browse qnd you should select an experiment. You can find every experiment in fsnet>project>coriolis>2017>17ICESHELF>DATA>EXPXX.
     157The file EXPXX is for the horizontal laser sheet, EXPXX_SCAN is for the horizontal scanning and EXPXX_VERT for the vertical sheet.
     159If you choose EXPXX you will get three files : FALCON, PC01 and PC02. These are the three cameras we are using during the experiments, the FALCON is the camera for the vertical sheet and will only be used to get the time parameters. The data from the PC01 and PC02 need to be treated in order to perform the ''PIV''.
     161The first step is to convert .tif into .png, in Run>Field series you can open any .tif of the desired folder (Warning : you should not take the im.tif but any im@XXXX.tif is working). Then in the ''Action'' part you should select "extract_multitif", if the Input button is in pink you should click on it and give to the software a .xml with informations about your experiment. Once it is done you can click on RUN, don't forget to select "cluster_oar" in the run mode, the action will be much faster.
     162When it is done a new folder called PCYY.png is created in your EXPXX folder and contains all the png.
     164The next step is to use these png images in the Fields series as before, with the action ''sub_background'' that will remove all the motionless structures.
     165For the input you have to make sure that the 'image rescaling coefficient' is equal to 2 and then make is run. (This process takes a long time, don't forget to make it run on the cluster). The output of this action is a file PCYY.png.sback filed with png images.
    152170= 6 - Organization of data files =