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     745||EXP||Date||Rot T||Q (desired)||Diaphragme (mm)||water depth (supervision)||Corner||HS dt||HS time||HS level||Scan (dt)||Scan levels||Scan n||Scan repeats||Exposure||VS||VS_xml||dRho||Rho current (measured)||Q (measured)||Sondes rep||Sondes time||Comment||
     746||1||20170912 !14:38||50||50||12.6||58,5||no||2x500||20?||55||2x500||!30:05:55||4||?||||2x500||||||||41||No||No||HS /VS / SCAN||
     747||2||20170912 !17:02||50||50||12.6||58,5||no||2x200||10||55||NO||NO||NO||NO||||NO||||||||44||No||No||Unsure when HS started||
     748||3||20170913 !08:53||50||50||12.6||58,5||no||200||10||55||200||!30:05:55||8||15||30||NO||||||||50||No||No||Flow rate measured afterwards, lots of boubles||
     749||4||20170913 !10:31||50||20||8.6||58,5||no||200||15+5||55||200||!30:05:55||8||15||30||NO||||||||19||No||No||LASER VIBRATES WHEN SCANNING, Water injected is colder than water in the tank (3C)||
     750||5||20170913 !14:02||50||80||16||58,5||no||100||10||55||100*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||||||||90||No||No||Vertical velocity of scan is decreased to reduce vibrations,*first dt is 1000; LOTS OF BOUBLES||
     751||6||20170913 !17:55||50||80||16||58,5||yes||100||10||55||100*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||||||||97||No||No||*first dt is 1000, foam added behind honeything in source - boubles disappeared!||
     752||7||20170913 !17:55||50||50||12.6||58,5||yes||200||10||55||2x100*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||||||||55.8||No||No||dt was set to 1000 for scan but only every other photo was aquired||
     753||8||20170914 !09:23||50||20||8.6||58,5||yes||400||20||55||400*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||yes||||||18.5||No||No||Slightly higher inflow density (lower temperature), light in entrance turned on first threee minutes||
     754||9||20170914 !10:38||50||10||6||58,5||no||400||24||55||400*||!30:05:55||10||10||40||NO||yes||||||10.5||No||No||High particle concentration in the beginning.||
     755||10||20170914 !11:35||50||35||10.5||58,5||no||400||15||55||400*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||yes||||||34||No||No||Flow rate measured twice during HS: 42; Flow reached the flow after less than a minute, turned right and reached the southern "continental" edge after 2 min. Flow reached the second corner (to trough) after 3 min.||
     756||11||20170914 !14:27||50||33||10||68,5||no||400||20||55||400*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||500 frames||yes||||||34||No||No||4 measurements of flowrate during experiment (32.4, 34.5, 33.3, 34.9); no bubbles; established flow follows into the trough at the second corner; flow reaches the 1st corner at !14:30. Additional vertical scan taken to see shape of the flow (not very barotopic!)||
     757||12||20170914 !17:15||50||33||10||68,5||yes||200||20||55||200*||!30:05:55||10||10||40||500 frames||yes||||||34.6||No||No||Exposure time 40||
     758||13||20170915 !09:16||30||50||12.6||62,6||yes||200||10||55||200*||!30:05:55||10||10||40||500 frames||yes||||||54.5||No||No||many particles in influx in beginning; waterfall coming out of source; water depth measured: (wall: 69.8; center: 59.5; invariant: 65)||
     759||14||20170915 !10:33||30||80||16||63,4||yes||100||10||55||100*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||400 frames||yes||||||94.7||No||No||The leakage at the source that created bubbles and the small waterfall is fixed now! Waterlevel in source is still higher than the ambient water level. Flow reached 1st corner in 20 sec. Bubbles still in the beginning, but get less after a while.||
     760||15||20170915 !13:12||30||50||12.6||62,7||no||200||10||55||200*||!30:05:55||10||10||40||||yes||||||52.2||No||No||Flow reaches first corner after about 1 min. One branch turns south at the first corner, a second branch turns into the trough and a third trough follows the continental slope.||
     761||16||20170915 !15:11||30||35||10||62,6||no||200||15||55||200*||!30:05:55||10||10||40||||yes||||||36||No||No||There were inertial oscillations of the water due to a problem. One major branch of the flow turned left at the first corner. At the second corner one branch entered the depression following the bathymetry and one crosses the depression very slowly. There was no recirculation in the depression.||
     762||17||20170915 !16:02||30||20||8,2 ?||62,3||no||200||17||55||200*||!30:05:55||10||10||40||||yes||||||21.6||No||No||||
     763||18||20170919 !11:31||50||50||12.6||58,3||no||100||7 + 7||55||100*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||||||||||No||No||Source 2 m further back! Better foam and no bubbles observed. Flow was more steady when it reached the view of the first camera (very regular waves). HS was accidently only run for 7 min and then restarted for 7 more min (in EXP18_B)||
     764||19||20170919 !14:13||50||80||16||58,3||no||50||10||55||0*||!0:00:00||0||0||20||NO||||||||0||No||No||The experiment is to be redone||
     765||20||20170919 !15:08||50||80||16||58.4||no||50||~8||55||50*||!30:05:55||10||10||20||NO||yes||||||93.5||No||No||The flow is mainly entering the through with a small branch circulating as a slope current.||
     766||21||20170919 !15:47||50||110||17||58.7||no||50||10||55||50*||!30:05:55||10||10||20||NO||yes||||||120||No||No||Everything went into the through||
     767||22||20170919 !16:45||50||110||17||58.6||yes||50||10||55||50*||!30:05:55||10||10||20||NO||yes||||||100||No||No||The majority of the flow went into the trough and a small part passed it; no turn qt the first corner but the flow seemed to become slightly unstable||
     768||23||20170920 !08:13||50||80||16||58.1||yes||50||10||55||50*||!30:05:55||10||10||20||NO||yes||||||94||No||No||many particles in the beginning. Main current into trough||
     769||24||20170920 !10:08||50||150||19.5||69.1||yes||50||10||55||50*||!30:05:55||10||10||20||NO||yes||||||130||No||No||Measured water level: 68.5 (center), 72.5 (wall); Current took larger curve to enter the trough (wider flow); at the end a small part passed the trough; anti-cyclonic motion over shelf.||
     770||25||20170920 !11:12||50||80||16||68.3||yes||50||10||55||50*||!30:05:55||10||10||20||NO||yes||||||94||No||No||large vorticities at slope current/inflow into trough not very strong and more turbulent/ Half of the flow passes the trough along the slope||
     771||26||20170920 !14:01||50||50||12.6||68.4||yes||100||10+5||55||100*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||yes||||||54||No||No||larger particles in the inflow (60 micron); Joel suggested that it ,makes a difference in the PIV; images started after flow started and we restarted i,ages for HS because too short; From experiment 24 onward, we forgot to calculate a new flow rate relative to the larger area of the source under water||
     772||27||20170920 !14:40||50||50||12.6||68.3||no||100||15||55||100*||!30:05:55||10||10||30||NO||yes||||||53.2||No||No||still many particles in ambient water; First the whole current follows the 2nd corner neatly into the trough (sharper curve compared to experiment with corner), then large part also flows straight.||
     773||28||20170920 !16:14||50||80||16||68.3||no||50||'''~9'''||55||50*||!30:05:55||10||10||20||NO||yes||||||92.4||No||No||experiment had to be restarted because source broke and many particles came out at the surface; when we started there were still some at the surface but were mostly located in the window of PCO2; PCO2 might be good.||
     774||29||20170922 !09:43||50||20||8.5||58.4||yes||100||20||55||100*||!35:02:55||10||5||30||2 min||yes||9.8||||20||10||2 / 5||60 micron particles in ambient now ; nice front developped ; vertical camera was too far up → moved for next exp||
     775||30||20170922 !11:06||50||50||12.6||58.3||yes||100/50||~12||55||100*||!35:02:55||10||5||30/20||2 min||yes||9.8||||53||10||2/ 5||vertical camera was moved down ; positions of probes on computer were not reset before, so start at 1000 – 1190 (real positions were correct) ; some motion left from previous experiment ; dt and E were decreased in the beginning, because the flow was very high (new images saved in EXP30_B.||
     776||31||20170922 !14:30||50||80||14||58.3||yes||50||10||55||50*||!35:02:55||10||5||20||2 min||yes||9.6||||74||10||2/ 5||All water turns over the 2nd corner and forms a vortex over the shelf. Some of the flow turns within the trough||
     777||32||20170922 !15:16||50||50||12.6||58.3||no||50||10||55||50*||!35:02:55||10||5||20||2 min||yes||9.6||||52||10||2/ 5||Still some motion in the trough from previous experiment; Flow goes straight around the 1. corner; Laser sheet deflected downward at the density interface.||
     778||33||20170922 !16:05||50||20||8.5||58.4||no||100||~13||55||50*||none||none||0||20||2 min||yes||||||none||10||2/ 5||Laser was too much deflected from the density difference; Experiment was stopped and has to be repreated; VS might still be working||
     779||34||20170925 !09:34||50||20||8.5||58.2||no||100||10||55||100||!35:02:55||10||||30||2 min||yes||4.8||||22.3||10||2/5||The flow was in a thin layer, everything turned on the first corner. A beating seemed to appear near the coast on the continental shelf||
     780||35||20170925 !10:30||50||50||12.6||58.3||NO||50||7||55||50||!37:02:55||10||||20||1min||yes||4.8*||||||10||2/5||The flow is much wider than is the previous experiment, everything turns on the first corner. "beating" on the corner in the beginning. The scan did 10 levels instead of 11||
     781||36||20170925 !11:38||50||80||14||58.1||no||50||7||55||50||!37:02:55||10||||20||1min||yes||4.8||||74||14||||Changed position of cables to have them out of the view of PCO1||
     782||37||20170925 !14:51||50||20||8.5||58.2||yes||100||10||55||100||!35:02:55||10||||30||2min||yes||4.7||||||20||||||
     783||38||20170925 !15:11||50||80||14||57.9||yes||0||0||0||50||!45:02:55||||||20||2min||yes||4.7*||||||14||||*Densities not measured again||
     784||39||20170925 !16:53||50||110||16||58.7||yes||0||0||0||50||!35:02:55||9||18||20||2min||yes||4.7*||||102||14||||||
     785||40||20170926 !9:38||30||20||8.5||58.5||no||100||4||55||100||!35:02:55||11||18||30||1min||yes||5||||||20||2/5||The flow seemed to be more turbulent along the slope; in the beginning it turned at the first corner but later it keep following the slope and then turned at the through||
     786||41||20170926 !10:22||30||50||12.6||||no||50||4||55||50||!35:02:55||11||18||20||1min||yes||5*||6.9||||20||2/5||density at !10:33 at probes: 6.9 (measured with denso meter at surface but not surer about the accuracy); flow turned first at first corner and then (with time) at the second corner following the topography||
     787||42||20170926 !11:37||30||10||6||58.7||no||100||7||55||100||!35:02:55||11||18||30||1min||yes||5*||||||20||||PCO2 didnt work during HS DONOT TRANSFER DATA DURING A RUNNING EXPERIMENT;||
     788||43||20170926 !14:22||30||5||5||58.7||no||100||8||55||100||!30:05:55||6||18||30||||yes||5*||||6.7||20||||probes started when flow was at first corner||
     789||44||20170926 !15:32||30||5||5||59||no||100||||||100||!45:02:55||6||18||30||||yes||5*||||8.1||33||||probes are continuous from and start with HS||
     790||45||20170926 !16:43||30||20||8.5||58.9||yes||100||4||55||100||!35:02:55||11||18||30||1min||yes||5||6.2||20.9||continuous||||density close to probes after the experi,ent was 6.2||
     791||46||20170927 !9:00||30||5||5||58.5||yes||100||10||55||100||!45:02:55||6||18||30||1min||yes||5||5.2||||continuous||||density close to probes after the experiment was 5.2 (surface layer was really thin); there was a more or less permanent coastal current plus flow that continued along the slope and then turned at the trough||
     792||47||20170927 !10:32||30||50||12.6||58.7||yes||50||4||55||50||!35:02:55||11||18||20||1 min||yes||5.3||7||||continuous||||||
     793||48||20170927 !14:01||30||5||5||||no||100||10||55||100||!45:02:55||6||18||30||1min||yes||2.9||7.4||||continuous||||first experiment with 2.5 density difference actual difference is 2.9||
     794||49||20170927 !14:47||30||20||8.5||58.5||no||100||7||55||100||!35:02:55||11||18||30||1min||yes||2.9||||||continuous||||some of the current seemed to pass the trough||
     795||50||20170927 !16:05||30||50||12.6||58.8||no||50||4+1||55||50||!35:02:55||11||18||20||1min||yes||2.9||||||continuous||||after a short time the whole flow went around the second corner; look almost like a barotropic current; later some flow went sort of straight which is why we started a second HS for &min after the scan was finished||
     796||51||20170928 !09:30||30||5||5||58.9||yes||100||0||55||100||!41:02:55||8||36||30||1min||yes||2.9||7.7||||continuous||||7th slice was exactly at the height of the trough, so it does not show the lowermost level within the trough||
     797||52||20170928 !10:45||30||20||8.5||58.8||no||100||7||55||100||!35:02:55||11||18||30||1min||yes||2.9||6.2||||continuous||||source was moved 10cm away from the wall; there was a recirculation around the source but not all water; the outside part fro, the source ,erged with the recirculation, got deflected to the wall and a slope current was set up||
     799= =
    745801||EXP||Date||T (s)||dH (cm)||Q (l/min)||dRho (kg/m³)||
    746802||1||09/10/17 16:57||60||0||50||0||