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1<?xml version="1.0"?>
3   <DiskQuotaCmd>quota -s -g -A</DiskQuotaCmd>
4   <ClusterParam>
5      <ExistenceTest>oarstat</ExistenceTest>
6      <NbCoreAdvised>16</NbCoreAdvised>                        <!-- proposed default number of parallel cores attributed for the computations -->
7      <NbCoreMax>36</NbCoreMax>                                <!-- maximum number of cores allowed for the computations -->
8      <JobCPUTimeAdvised unit="minute">20</JobCPUTimeAdvised>  <!-- used to group the iterations into jobs of sufficient CPU time -->
9      <JobNumberMax>500</JobNumberMax>                         <!-- maximum number of jobs allowed (will group the iterations to fit in) -->
10      <WallTimeMax unit="hour">23</WallTimeMax>                <!-- maximum allowed time for a job -->
11      <JobStatCmd>oarstat |grep N=UVmat</JobStatCmd>           <!-- command to know the number of active and waiting job launches -->
12      <LaunchCmdFcn>cluster_command</LaunchCmdFcn>             <!-- name of the function used to create job launch commmand -->
13   </ClusterParam>
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