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[447]1%%'check_files': check the existence, type and status of the files selected by series.fig
[447]3% function GUI_input=check_data_files(Param)
[447]5%%%%%%%%%%% GENERAL TO ALL SERIES ACTION FCTS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
7% GUI_input=list of options in the GUI series.fig needed for the function
[447]10% In run mode, the input parameters are given as a Matlab structure Param copied from the GUI series.
11% In batch mode, Param is the name of the corresponding xml file containing the same information
12% In the absence of input (as activated when the current Action is selected
13% in series), the function ouput GUI_input set the activation of the needed GUI elements
[447]15% Param contains the elements:(use the menu bar command 'export/GUI config' in series to see the current structure Param)
16%    .InputTable: cell of input file names, (several lines for multiple input)
17%                      each line decomposed as {RootPath,SubDir,Rootfile,NomType,Extension}
18%    .OutputSubDir: name of the subdirectory for data outputs
19%    .OutputDir: directory for data outputs, including path
20%    .Action: .ActionName: name of the current activated function
21%             .ActionPath:   path of the current activated function
22%    .IndexRange: set the file or frame indices on which the action must be performed
23%    .FieldTransform: .TransformName: name of the selected transform function
24%                     .TransformPath:   path  of the selected transform function
25%                     .TransformHandle: corresponding function handle
26%    .InputFields: sub structure describing the input fields withfields
27%              .FieldName: name of the field
28%              .VelType: velocity type
29%              .FieldName_1: name of the second field in case of two input series
30%              .VelType_1: velocity type of the second field in case of two input series
31%    .ProjObject: %sub structure describing a projection object (read from ancillary GUI set_object)
[447]34function GUI_input=check_data_files(Param)
36%% set the input elements needed on the GUI series when the action is selected in the menu ActionName
37if ~exist('Param','var') % case with no input parameter
38    GUI_input={'NbViewMax';'';...% max nbre of input file series (default='' , no limitation)
39        'AllowInputSort';'off';...% allow alphabetic sorting of the list of input files (options 'off'/'on', 'off' by default)
[330]40        'NbSlice';'on'; ...%nbre of slices ('off' by default)
[447]41        'VelType';'off';...% menu for selecting the velocity type (options 'off'/'one'/'two',  'off' by default)
42        'FieldName';'off';...% menu for selecting the field (s) in the input file(options 'off'/'one'/'two', 'off' by default)
43        'FieldTransform'; 'off';...%can use a transform function
44        'ProjObject';'off';...%can use projection object(option 'off'/'on',
45        'Mask';'off';...%can use mask option   (option 'off'/'on', 'off' by default)
46        'OutputDirExt';'';...%set the output dir extension
[330]47               ''};
[447]48        return
[447]51%% get input parameters, file names and indices
52% BATCH  case: read the xml file for batch case
[374]53if ischar(Param) && ~isempty(find(regexp('Param','.xml$')))
54    Param=xml2struct(Param);
[447]55    checkrun=0;
56% RUN case: parameters introduced as the input structure Param 
[374]58    hseries=guidata(Param.hseries);%handles of the GUI series
[447]59    WaitbarPos=get(hseries.waitbar_frame,'Position');%position of the waitbar on the GUI series
60    checkrun=1; % indicate the RUN option is used
[447]62% get the set of input file names (cell array filecell), and the lists of
63% input file or frame indices i1_series,i2_series,j1_series,j2_series
[447]65% filecell{iview,fileindex}: cell array representing the list of file names
66%        iview: line in the table corresponding to a given file series
67%        fileindex: file index within  the file series,
68% i1_series(iview,ref_j,ref_i)... are the corresponding arrays of indices i1,i2,j1,j2, depending on the input line iview and the two reference indices ref_i,ref_j
69% i1_series(iview,fileindex) expresses the same indices as a 1D array in file indices
70% set of frame indices used for movie or multimage input
71if ~isempty(j1_series)
72    frame_index=j1_series;
74    frame_index=i1_series;
[447]77%% root input file(s) and type
[447]84% numbers of slices and file indices
86if isfield(Param.IndexRange,'NbSlice')
87    NbSlice=Param.IndexRange.NbSlice;
89nbview=size(i1_series,1);%number of input file series (lines in InputTable)
90nbfield_j=size(i1_series,2); %nb of consecutive fields at each level(burst
91nbfield=nbfield_j*size(i1_series,3); %total number of files or frames
92nbfield_i=floor(nbfield/NbSlice);%total number of i indexes (adjusted to an integer number of slices)
93nbfield=nbfield_i*nbfield_j; %total number of fields after adjustement
[447]95%determine the file type on each line from the first input file
98for iview=1:nbview
99    [FileType{iview},FileInfo{iview},Object{iview}]=get_file_type(filecell{iview,1});
100    CheckImage{iview}=~isempty(find(strcmp(FileType{iview},ImageTypeOptions)));% =1 for images
101    CheckNc{iview}=~isempty(find(strcmp(FileType{iview},NcTypeOptions)));% =1 for netcdf files
[330]105for iview=1:nbview
[447]106    if isequal(FileType{iview},'mmreader')||isequal(FileType{iview},'video')
107        info=aviinfo(filecell{iview,1});
[330]108        message{1}=info.Filename;
109        message{2}=info.FileModDate;
110        message{3}=[num2str(info.FramesPerSecond) ' frames/s '];
111        message{4}=info.ImageType;
112        message{5}=['  compression' info.VideoCompression];
113        message{6}=[ 'quality ' num2str(info.Quality)];   
114        Tabchar=message;
115    else
116        datnum=zeros(1,nbfield);
117        Tabchar={};
118        %LOOP ON SLICES
119        for i_slice=1:NbSlice
[447]120            index_slice=i_slice:NbSlice:nbfield;
[340]121            filefound={};
[447]122            for ifile=1:nbfield_i
123%                 index(ifile)=index_slice(ifile);
[330]124                stopstate=get(hseries.RUN,'BusyAction');
125                if isequal(stopstate,'queue')% enable STOP command
[447]126                    update_waitbar(hseries.waitbar_frame,WaitbarPos,ifile/nbfield_i)         
127                    file=filecell{iview,index_slice(ifile)};
[330]128                    [Path,Name,ext]=fileparts(file);
129                    detect=exist(file,'file'); % check the existence of the file
130                    if detect==0
131                        count=count+1;
132                        lastfield='not found';
133                    else
134                        datfile=dir(file);
135                        if isfield(datfile,'datenum')
136                            datnum(ifile)=datfile.datenum;
137                        end
138                        filefound(ifile)={};
139                        lastfield='';
[377]140                        [FileType,FileInfo,Object]=get_file_type(file);
141                        if strcmp(FileType,'civx')||strcmp(FileType,'civdata')
142                            if isfield(FileInfo,'CivStage')
143                            liststage={'civ1','fix1','patch1','civ2','fix2','patch2'};
144                            lastfield=liststage{FileInfo.CivStage};
145                            end
146                        end
147                        lastfield=[FileType ', ' lastfield];                   
[330]148                    end
149                    Tabchar(1,i_slice)={['slice #' num2str(i_slice)]};
[447]150                    Tabchar(ifile+1,i_slice)={[file '...' lastfield]};
[330]151                end
152            end
153        end
[340]154%         if isempty(datnum)||isempty(filefound)
155        if isempty(filefound)
[330]156            if NbSlice>1
157                message=['no set of ' num2str(NbSlice) ' (NbSlices) files found'];
158            else
159                 message='no file found';
160            end
161        else
162            datnum=datnum(find(datnum));%keep the non zero values corresponding to existing files
163            [first,ind]=min(datnum);
164            [last,indlast]=max(datnum);
165            message={['oldest modification:  ' cell2mat(filefound(ind)) ' : ' datestr(first)];...
166                ['latest modification:  ' cell2mat(filefound(indlast)) ' : ' datestr(last)]};
167        end
168        if ~isempty(Tabchar)
[447]169          Tabchar=reshape(Tabchar,NbSlice*(nbfield_i+1),1);
[330]170        end
171    end
172    hfig=figure(iview);
173    clf
174    if iview>1
175        pos=get(iview-1,'Position');
176        pos(1)=pos(1)+(iview-1)*pos(1)/nbview;
177        set(hfig,'Position',pos)
178    end
[427]179    set(hfig,'name',['check_data_files:view= ' num2str(iview)])
180    set(hfig,'MenuBar','none')% suppress the menu bar
181    set(hfig,'NumberTitle','off')%suppress the fig number in the title
[361]182    h=uicontrol('Style','listbox', 'Position', [20 20 500 300], 'String', Tabchar, 'Callback', {'open_uvmat'});
[330]183    hh=uicontrol('Style','listbox', 'Position', [20 340 500 40], 'String', message);
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