Jan 29, 2012, 2:31:56 PM (12 years ago)

reading of civ data, new format, improved: bugs for reading u and v repairedd

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  • trunk/src/check_files.m

    r375 r380  
    5252    'editxml.fig';...%interface for editxml
    5353    'fileparts_uvmat';...% extracts the root name,field indexes and nomenclature type from an input filename
     54    'fill_GUI';...% fill a GUI with handles 'handles' from input data Param
    5455    'find_field_indices';...% group the variables of a nc-formated Matlab structure into 'fields' with common dimensions
    5556    'find_file_series';...%check the content of an input file and find the corresponding file series
    5960    'get_field';...% choose and plot a field from a Netcdf file
    6061    'get_field.fig';...%interface for get_field
     62    'get_file_series';...% determine the list of file names and file indices for functions called by 'series'.
     63    'get_file_type';...% determine info about a file (image, multimage, civdata,...) .
    6164    'griddata_uvmat';...%make 2D linear interpolation using griddata, with input appropriate for both Matlab 6.5 and 7
    6265    'hist_update';...%  update of a current global histogram by inclusion of a new field
    8386    'read_GUI';... %read all parameters set by a GUI as a Matlab structure
    8487    'read_imatext';...%read .civ files (obsolete, but can be adapted to other text documentation files)
    85     'read_set_object';...%read the data on the set_object interface, TODO: use instead the general function read_GUI
    8688    'read_xls';...%read excel files containing the list of the experiments
    8789    'reinit';...% suppress the personal parameter file 'uvmat_perso.mat'
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