Jul 23, 2012, 8:44:33 PM (12 years ago)

various bug corrections, compatibilty with older PIV data

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  • trunk/src/check_files.m

    r497 r498  
    5454    'fill_GUI';...%  fill a GUI with a set of parameters from a Matlab structure
    5555    'filter_tps';...% find the thin plate spline coefficients for interpolation-smoothing
    56     'find_field_indices';...% group the variables of a nc-formated Matlab structure into 'fields' with common dimensions
     56    'find_field_indices';...% group the variables of a 'field object' into 'field cells' and specify their structure
    5757    'find_file_series';...%check the content of an input file and find the corresponding file series
     58    'find_imadoc';...% find the ImaDoc xml file associated with a given input file
    5859    'fullfile_uvmat';...%creates a file name from a root name and indices.
    5960    'geometry_calib';...%performs geometric calibration from a set of reference points
    8485    'read_civxdata';...reads civx data from netcdf files
    8586    'read_civdata';... reads new civ data from netcdf files
    86     'read_image';... read images or video objects
     87    'read_field';...% read the fields from files in different formats (netcdf files, images, video)
    8788    'read_get_field';... read the list of selected variables from the GUI get_field (TODO: use read_GUI)
    8889    'read_GUI';... %read a GUI and provide the data as a Matlab structure
    89     'read_image';...%read .civ files (obsolete, but can be adapted to other text documentation files)
     90    'read_image';...%read images or video objects
    9091    'read_multimadoc';... %read a set of Imadoc files and compare their timing of different file series
    9192    'read_xls';...%read excel files containing the list of the experiments
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