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(edit) @1027   6 years g7moreau * Update Copyright 2017 -> 2018
(edit) @977   7 years g7moreau * Update Copyright 2008-2017 notice
(edit) @924   8 years g7moreau * Update Copyright Copyright 2008-2016, LEGI UMR 5519 / CNRS UGA …
(edit) @908   9 years g7moreau * Update Copyright to 2015
(edit) @871   9 years sommeria histo improved
(edit) @866   9 years sommeria stereo_civ_updated
(edit) @836   9 years sommeria phys mofidifed. phys_ima put as an outside fct
(edit) @810   10 years g7moreau * Add license
(edit) @782   10 years sommeria AX and AY changed to Coord_x and Coord_y
(edit) @753   10 years sommeria signal spectrum analysis and various improvements in transform
(edit) @742   10 years sommeria cleaning of phys
(edit) @695   10 years sommeria phys corrected with linear interpolation of images
(edit) @631   11 years sommeria correction to avoid probleme with interp_tps
(edit) @574   11 years sommeria clean the transform fcts
(edit) @557   11 years sommeria functions updated to fit with new conventions
(edit) @545   11 years sommeria bug repaired in phys
(edit) @518   12 years sommeria corrections in phys to adapt to new conventions
(edit) @507   12 years sommeria various improvments and corrections dtatatree_browser tested
(edit) @494   12 years sommeria various bugs corrected after testing in Windows OS. Introduction of …
(edit) @433   12 years sommeria function update_obj suppressed, not used anymore
(edit) @396   12 years sommeria bugs corrected and cleaning in phys
(edit) @250   13 years sommeria phys: bug repair to account for a constant coordinate angle
(edit) @241   13 years sommeria phys_XYZ extracted as a main function, and corrected
(edit) @211   13 years sommeria bug repair for phys
(edit) @209   13 years sommeria phys improved to deal with 3D fields
(edit) @202   13 years sommeria Introduction of water wheight in calibration
(edit) @167   13 years sommeria small bug repair in phys and phys_polar: units
(edit) @164   13 years sommeria phys_polar corrected for color images. Cleaning in phys
(edit) @158   13 years sommeria CoordType? not used, replaced by CoordUnit? bug repair in …
(edit) @157   13 years sommeria bug repair on phys and phys_polar
(edit) @151   13 years sommeria correction to deal with 3D slices: introduction of PlaneCoord? as output
(edit) @116   13 years sommeria geometry_calib is now updated when a new image is viewed by uvmat …
(edit) @79   14 years sommeria time_series: subdir for result /time_series mouse_motio: attempt to …
(add) @40   14 years sommeria -relabel_i_j added to the svn (relabel an image series with two …
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