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(edit) @40   14 years sommeria -relabel_i_j added to the svn (relabel an image series with two …
(edit) @39   14 years sommeria civ: bug corrected for civ in batch series and uvmat: further …
(edit) @38   14 years sommeria field transforms put in subdir transform_field. cleaning of obsolete …
(edit) @37   14 years sommeria create_grid.fig , uvmat_doc and all the included files added
(edit) @36   14 years sommeria -get_field: functions called by ACTION in the GUI get_field put in the …
(edit) @35   14 years sommeria the mode edit vectors debugged: it is now possible to mark vectors as …
(edit) @34   14 years sommeria get_field: list of actions put as functions in subdir get_field (like …
(edit) @33   14 years sommeria loop on fid of revision.log works if the file is absent too.
(edit) @32   14 years sommeria -subfunction find_file_indices put back in series (it had been …
(edit) @31   14 years gostiaux if the file revision.log is absent nothing is written : now it works.
(edit) @30   14 years gostiaux The version number is now read from the revision.log file that can be …
(edit) @29   14 years sommeria read_imadoc suppressed (obsolete, replaced by imadoc2struct) …
(edit) @28   14 years gostiaux list of functions empty now
(edit) @27   14 years gostiaux files separated from series.m
(edit) @26   14 years gostiaux series native functions removed from series.m
(edit) @25   14 years gostiaux unexpected line added in series
(edit) @24   14 years gostiaux series folder created, sub_background added
(edit) @21   14 years gostiaux restored ListDir?, deleted in the previous manipulation by mistake
(edit) @20   14 years gostiaux private folder also deleted
(edit) @19   14 years gostiaux the private files have been moved down to the root folder
(edit) @18   14 years sommeria moved all the scripts from private down to root
(edit) @17   14 years sommeria possibilite de créer une grille physique dans geometry_calib (le faire …
(edit) @16   14 years gostiaux In windows, the fprintf command has troubles with / characters; the / …
(edit) @15   14 years gostiaux Louis rajoute au copyright
(edit) @14   14 years sommeria update_imadoc added to check_functions
(edit) @13   14 years gostiaux J'ai rajoute update_imadoc suite discussion Joel
(edit) @12   14 years gostiaux The files from uvmat.2.2.beta that differed from the current version …
(edit) @11   14 years gostiaux
(edit) @10   14 years gostiaux Param.xml is now in the ignore list
(edit) @9   14 years gostiaux
(edit) @8   14 years gostiaux
(edit) @7   14 years gostiaux private folder created and moved griddata_uvmat.m in it
(edit) @6   14 years gostiaux
(edit) @5   14 years gostiaux
(edit) @4   14 years gostiaux Ligne commentee supprimee
(edit) @3   14 years gostiaux Sous-dossier FIELD_FCT deja dans le path
(add) @2   14 years gostiaux * Initial import * Add .m files in src * Add .fig files in src * Add …
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