Jul 29, 2012:

11:18 PM Changeset [507] by sommeria
various improvments and corrections dtatatree_browser tested

Jul 27, 2012:

10:28 AM Ticket #15 (free pairs in uvmat) created by sommeria
the free pair mode does not work anymore, to check
10:22 AM Changeset [506] by sommeria
bugs repaired in civ. check_files updated: check of compiled fcts included

Jul 26, 2012:

11:04 PM Changeset [505] by sommeria
bugs correctied in civ. test for compilation need introduced in check_files
10:16 AM Changeset [504] by sommeria
FFT2 (2D fft ) introduced
10:14 AM Changeset [503] by sommeria
datatree_browse introduced (still work to do) get_field revised to …
12:54 AM Ticket #14 (compile civ in Windows) created by sommeria
adapt command lines for windows and test
12:53 AM Ticket #13 (civ_matlab) created by sommeria
1-test image deformation in civ2 2-incorporate image rescale in civ
12:03 AM Ticket #12 (find_field_indices) created by sommeria
change name into find_field_cells. replace VarType?.coord_x, y z by …

Jul 25, 2012:

11:53 PM Ticket #11 (civ and series) created by sommeria
incorporate civ in series, to have an uniform strategy. use the …
11:52 PM Ticket #10 (find_file_series) created by sommeria
rationalise find_file_series, get_file_series and set_civ_files in …
11:48 PM Ticket #9 (read_get_field) created by sommeria
suppress read_get_field, use the general function read_GUI instead
11:41 PM Ticket #8 (projection objects) created by sommeria
1-projection with filter needs to be fixed. pb when an object is …
11:36 PM Ticket #6 (bugs pour formation) closed by sommeria
11:35 PM Ticket #4 (seuil image) closed by sommeria
11:33 PM Ticket #1 (Test) closed by sommeria
11:32 PM Ticket #5 (bugs on line object) closed by sommeria
6:11 PM Changeset [502] by sommeria
geometry calib corrected: pb reading time with previous convention
1:41 AM Changeset [501] by sommeria
various improvements: read input parameters for civ. Order of panels …

Jul 24, 2012:

7:58 PM Changeset [500] by sommeria
various bug corrections

Jul 23, 2012:

11:53 PM Changeset [499] by sommeria
various bugs corrected. PARAM.xml complemented to provide info for …
8:44 PM Changeset [498] by sommeria
various bug corrections, compatibilty with older PIV data

Jul 21, 2012:

11:15 PM Changeset [497] by sommeria
cleaning and small bug repair. pb of histogram for filter data solved …

Jul 20, 2012:

10:01 AM Changeset [496] by sommeria
1:44 AM Changeset [495] by sommeria
option 'background' set for matlab function in civ and series under …

Jul 19, 2012:

11:50 AM Changeset [494] by sommeria
various bugs corrected after testing in Windows OS. Introduction of …

Jul 16, 2012:

10:44 AM Changeset [493] by sommeria
various bugs repaired, tests in Windows OS

Jul 15, 2012:

10:30 AM Changeset [492] by sommeria
civ corrected to deal with windows system proj_field improved to …

Jul 11, 2012:

5:15 PM Ticket #7 (manipulation des fichiers NetCDF depuis Matlab) closed by sommeria
2:56 PM Changeset [491] by sommeria
fix the the way to deal with filter fields using tps fix the main …

Jul 10, 2012:

8:39 AM Changeset [490] by sommeria
bug correctedin series

Jul 8, 2012:

11:06 PM Changeset [489] by sommeria
update the defgault Param.xml to fit with compiled Matalb PIV

Jul 6, 2012:

2:26 PM Ticket #7 (manipulation des fichiers NetCDF depuis Matlab) created by g7moreau
Extraire les fonctions de manipulation des fichiers NetCDF et écrire …

Jul 2, 2012:

11:21 PM Changeset [488] by sommeria
introduce update_project (modified version of dataview) to create a …
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