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(edit) @809   10 years g7moreau * Add license
(edit) @801   10 years g7moreau * Update Copyright on all file and make it similar
(edit) @710   10 years sommeria various improvements.
(edit) @709   10 years sommeria improve check svn with command "&" improve import config in series
(edit) @705   10 years sommeria several bugs repaired
(edit) @679   11 years sommeria detection of xmltree in checlk_file corrected
(edit) @667   11 years sommeria a few bugs corrected. multimask introduced in series displ_uvmat …
(edit) @660   11 years sommeria a few bugs corrected in geometry_calib
(edit) @659   11 years sommeria check_files updated
(edit) @655   11 years sommeria various bugs corrected
(edit) @654   11 years sommeria various bugs corrected
(edit) @648   11 years sommeria get_field updated, several bugs corrected,open_uvmat suppressd
(edit) @646   11 years sommeria various update, bugs to be expected
(edit) @625   11 years sommeria system of object creation by mouse ilmproved
(edit) @623   11 years sommeria waitbar system for series improved to aloow use as stand alone fcts. …
(edit) @606   11 years sommeria bug on compilation solved (still to test with transform_field fct). …
(edit) @598   11 years sommeria various bugs repaired . civ_series further developed
(edit) @589   11 years sommeria various minor corrections made
(edit) @588   11 years sommeria tps_coeff_field introduced and several bugs corrected
(edit) @581   11 years sommeria clean the transform field functions
(edit) @570   11 years sommeria bugs corrected in browse_data
(edit) @548   12 years sommeria various bug repairs
(edit) @530   12 years sommeria new conventions for find_field_cells .
(edit) @515   12 years sommeria improvement of calc-field and combination of two fields
(edit) @512   12 years sommeria various cleaning
(edit) @506   12 years sommeria bugs repaired in civ. check_files updated: check of compiled fcts included
(edit) @505   12 years sommeria bugs correctied in civ. test for compilation need introduced in check_files
(edit) @498   12 years sommeria various bug corrections, compatibilty with older PIV data
(edit) @497   12 years sommeria cleaning and small bug repair. pb of histogram for filter data solved …
(edit) @480   12 years gostiaux don't catch me
(edit) @479   12 years gostiaux svn command works with windows
(edit) @477   12 years sommeria various bugs repaired.
(edit) @476   12 years sommeria bugs corrected + * filter parameter multiplied by 1000 in filter_tps*
(edit) @475   12 years sommeria check_files: 'try ' introduced to skip in case of error with svn check
(edit) @460   12 years sommeria cleaning and bugs corrected
(edit) @432   12 years sommeria system of projection object manipulation with uvmat improved.
(edit) @380   12 years sommeria reading of civ data, new format, improved: bugs for reading u and v …
(edit) @375   12 years gostiaux White space problem solved
(edit) @359   12 years gostiaux No svn output in matlab command at opening of uvmat
(add) @357   12 years sommeria
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