Water properties

  • Density versus salinity at 20 C (NaCl)density_nacl.dat Download
  • Refraction index versus salinity at 20 C (NaCl)index_nacl.dat Download
  • Plot refraction index vs density at 20C

The curvature of light rays by refraction is equal to $\gamma=-n^{-1}dn/dz=n^{-1}(dn/d\rho)(-d\rho/dz)$. For $-d\rho/\rho dz=1\%$ over a depth of 1 m,the curvature is $\gamma=1.75\: 10^{-3} m^{-1}$. The equation $z(x)$ of the ray propagating along $x$ is then $z=ax-\gamma x^2 /2$.

Image Acquisition system RDVision

Cameras and accessories

Particles and dye


Oscillating mirror system for laser sheet

Volume scanning system

Illumination systems


* protection endoscope 674513011169

Conductivity probes

measure conductivity and temperature at the same location, high spatial (1 mm) and temporal (0.1s) resolution.

* Conduino


Acquisition of 4 conductivity probes data on Arduino Uno board

We interrogate the Arduino card to recover the data on the serial port. The maximum acquisition frequency is about 20 Hz but is not fixed because it is linked to the release or not of the serial link.

A code change was made by the instrumentation department to perform a one-hour acquisition and retrieve the data from a text file with the date and time of the start of the acquisition displayed.

This system has its limits: - fragility of the probes: a probe has been inactive since the beginning of the operations - non-fixed acquisition frequency: no possibility to add batteries or SD cards on this turnkey system delivered - for the moment, there is no synchronization with the existing LabVIEW code, synchronization which would make it possible to carry out all the movements and acquisitions of the probes at the same time.

Ultrasound probes

Capacitive level sensor

Vectrino Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

This provides pointwise measurement of the three velocity components, with response time about 0.01 s. We have two instruments: One is downlooking, and the second one is side looking, which can be useful near a wall.

See documentation: Datasheet_Vectrino_Lab_01-2017.pdf Download

A profiler can be also borrowed from the teaching department: it provides profiles of the three velocity components over 5 cm, useful to study a boundary layer.

See documentation: Vectrino_Profiler_brochure.pdf Download

Installation of two Vectrino plus (200 Hz) and one Vectrino Profiler in Coriolis: project 18 ADDUCCE

doc :

Vectrino plus software:


Vectrino profiler software :


2 vectrino plus (Com3 and Com7 with 57600 baud)

1 vectrino profiler (Com13 to 93750 baud)

Possibility to run two vectrino plus programs and one Vectrino profiler program at the same time.

Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry system ADVP



Material for displacement of conductivity probes :

*3 Lexium 32 drives model LXM32MU90M2 : 9 A equipped with Ethernet card for Modbus TCP communication

*3 stroke axes 1m each equipped with two limit switches Corrosion-resistant guide rails. Stainless steel cover strip.

*3 servo motors BMH0701T02F2A IP 54 with brake : Power 400W Maximum mechanical speed: 8000 rpm.

*High precision absolute encoder (on several lathes): 128 lines.

Doc variators

Doc axes :

Data acquisition of conductivity probes and control and command of the displacement of the probes: Labview runtime : setup.exe Download software :troisaxes.exe Download

Ability to manage absolute, relative, motion sequences on one, two or three drives simultaneously or not.


  • meige8pcjs205: PC under Linux, in room for processing data
  • meige7pcjs224: PC under Linux,
  • meige7pcjs226: PC under Linux,