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(edit) @1033   6 years sommeria miscellaneous updates
(edit) @1032   6 years sommeria reading LaVision? images improved
(edit) @1027   6 years g7moreau * Update Copyright 2017 -> 2018
(edit) @984   7 years sommeria introduce .cine in various functions, improve stero PIV
(edit) @977   7 years g7moreau * Update Copyright 2008-2017 notice
(edit) @951   8 years sommeria bugs repaired
(edit) @950   8 years sommeria various updates
(edit) @924   8 years g7moreau * Update Copyright Copyright 2008-2016, LEGI UMR 5519 / CNRS UGA …
(edit) @917   9 years sommeria series modified to deal with NbSlice? in local mode, subbackground …
(edit) @908   9 years g7moreau * Update Copyright to 2015
(edit) @904   9 years sommeria walltime estimate introduced in series, and option of result file overwrite
(edit) @897   9 years sommeria sub_background corrected for volume and multilevel cases
(edit) @854   9 years sommeria bugrepair
(edit) @810   10 years g7moreau * Add license
(edit) @802   10 years sommeria sub_background corrected
(edit) @784   10 years sommeria adpat uvmat to reading data from rdvision
(edit) @783   10 years sommeria -pb of mulitple tiff reading solved -modif of output parma in …
(edit) @774   10 years sommeria bug corrected in sub_background. test_patch1 introduced in civ_series
(edit) @716   10 years sommeria fct improved by reducing the input file check when selected.
(edit) @700   10 years sommeria bug in sub_background corrected for color images
(edit) @676   11 years sommeria various bugs corrected
(edit) @642   11 years sommeria civ_input improved and small bug corrections
(edit) @633   11 years sommeria bug on waitbar corrected for background mode
(edit) @624   11 years sommeria waitbar system for series improved to aloow use as stand alone fcts. …
(edit) @616   11 years sommeria particle_tracking added, cleaning for other functions in 'series'
(edit) @605   11 years sommeria bugs corrected to get an advancement bar with status
(edit) @599   11 years sommeria various bug corrections. Steps further for civ_series (still …
(edit) @596   11 years sommeria corrections done in civ
(edit) @592   11 years sommeria commit the series fcts with the new form
(edit) @573   11 years sommeria clean the head of the series fcts
(edit) @478   12 years sommeria series fcts updated to fit with new waitbar fct and background run …
(edit) @474   12 years sommeria functions adpated to mode background
(edit) @462   12 years sommeria a few bug repairs and update in the series fcts
(edit) @459   12 years sommeria sub_background and time series set to the new standards
(edit) @457   12 years sommeria merg_i_j transformed to the new standards. Various improvements
(edit) @455   12 years sommeria a few bug corrected
(edit) @454   12 years sommeria aver_stat, ima_levels , sub_background now adapted to the new settings …
(edit) @451   12 years sommeria bugs repaired in aver_stat and check_data_file sub_background largely …
(edit) @447   12 years sommeria aver_stat modified in the new rationalized form. OTHER series FCTS NOT …
(edit) @442   12 years sommeria functions updated in series for the new file configuration
(edit) @394   12 years sommeria bugs corrected in series fct taking into account new conventions
(edit) @374   12 years sommeria fgunctions under series adapted to the renovated GUI series
(edit) @240   13 years sommeria cleaning
(edit) @239   13 years sommeria sub_background improved (memory allocation) and calc_background …
(edit) @217   13 years sommeria correct bug on sub_background (test_level)
(edit) @214   13 years sommeria relabel_i_j and sub_background improved. Possibility of using levels
(edit) @169   13 years sommeria comments added at the head of functions
(edit) @143   13 years gostiaux bug with permissions fixed.
(edit) @128   13 years sommeria series: give writting access to the group for all subdirectories …
(edit) @89   14 years sommeria many bug corrections and cleaning. Activation of the BW option in …
(edit) @54   14 years sommeria sub_background modified to accept various movie and image inputs …
(edit) @38   14 years sommeria field transforms put in subdir transform_field. cleaning of obsolete …
(add) @24   14 years gostiaux series folder created, sub_background added
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