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Tutorial / Advanced Particle Imaging Velocimetry

This example illustrates advanced procedures for particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), see TutorialParticleImageVelocimetry for a first introduction to PIV.

Visual check

Launch the GUI uvmat and open an image in UVMAT_DEMO03_PIVchallenge_2005C/images , which represents a jet (images from PIV challenge, ref...). Images are organized in pairs, denoted with labels a, b with a short time interval  Dt=0.01 ms, with interval 2 ms between two successive pairs. The timing and geometric calibration has been provided in the xml file images.xml, in the same way as discussed in section .. for a single pair.

check the image pair between a and b, then between 1 and 2, dt is displayed while the time is displayed in the upper right edit box.

Civ: import the parameters stored in ...

small displacement of the order of 1 pixel, so small search box.

Check filter, compare filter2 and civ2, make transverse cut...

merge proj:

define a physical grid for the final results, select (U,V0 and curl , div, use [ProjMode] =interp_tps

launch merge_proj: results are obtained as 2D matrices, open with uvmat. Select U in get_field.

No info left on the PIV process after projection. This is the start for the scientific analysis.



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